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July 5, 2022

Ikea’s latest ranges are dropping constantly in-store, and we can’t keep away. For the price of a coffee or pedicure you can get a lifetime of pleasure from the decorative, wallet-friendly accessories. Go for the best teacups, $4, wine goblets, $4, (great for entertaining),  timber spice mills, $25, and stoneware dinner plates that look like something from an art gallery, two for $22, There are rattan baskets with handles, $25, throw rugs, $15, classic waffle bedcover, $49, and the best duvet covers with matching pillowcases that look like the expensive Belgian stuff, $139. By adding any of these pieces into the mix your space can feel completely new.

But not every collection gets the designers’ stamp of approval. Some items are shabbily constructed; others look too mass market. These 10 pieces though, pass the taste test and are the reason, even the most well-heeled designers, use Ikea in their own homes.  They’re ideal to refresh your rooms, as the season changes, and your mood does too. It’s easy to be a snob about design, but beautiful stuff can be found here; and what’s great is that they’re exactly what your home needs at that moment in time and all come in classic materials (cotton, concrete, ceramic, metal, timber, rattan and glass).

Here are our most-reached-for favourites, including new 2022 designs, from baskets to teacups, blankets and storage.

1. Glass Dome:

It will make anything you put underneath look important. BEGÅVNING, Glass dome with base, $20,

2. A Wooden Chopping Board:

Thick, beautiful and will bring daily pleasure. SMÅÄTA Chopping board, $27,

3. Rattan Basket with Handles:

The kind of basket that is central to a good-looking interior. INSVEP Basket with handles, rattan, $25,

4. Laundry Bag:

You want one within easy reach, daily. PURRPINGLA Laundry bag, beige, $30,

5. Duvet Cover:

Our #1 item for the bed this season that heavily resembles the expensive Belgian linen stuff. DYTÅG Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, dark beige, $139,

6. A Classic Bedspread:

Waffle suits every season and lifestyle. VÅRELD Bedspread, white, $49,

7. A Throw Rug:

Among life’s essentials, to keep at the end of your bed. GUNNEMOR Throw, off-white/grey-beige,  $15,

8. Dinnerware:

A low-maintenance classic that is smart enough for dinner parties but tough enough for every day. OMBONAD Dinner Plate, dark grey, $22/2 pack,

9. A Bowl that will Last:

In rattan, you can use it for bread, fruit, vegetables. JÄSNINGProofing/bread basket, $15,

10. Spice Mill:

That’s a pleasure to hold. INTRESSANT Spice mill, acacia, $25,

Honorary Mentions:

1. A Classic Basket:

This basket has been around forever, but it makes a great planter. FLÅDISBasket, seagrass, $16,

2. Tea Time:

A style we like that proves it’s best to forget snobbery and go for simplicity and enjoyment. GLADELIGMug, grey, $5,

3. Cabinet with Glass:

5. Wine Goblets: 

Good enough to use every day and when guests visit. Buy in generous quantities. If you have 20, you’ll feel little pain when the number dwindles to fifteen. OMBONAD Goblet, grey, $16/ 4 pack,

6. A Light Update:

The quickest, and easiest way to update the look, and feel, of any room, might be as simple as switching an existing light fixture, for this sculptural paper lantern. RISBYN Pendant lamp shade, onion shape white, $20,

7. Kitchen Wall Decor

A piece of wall art we can’t stop thinking about. KNOPPÄNGFrame with poster, garden, $39/ 2 pack,

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