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September 19, 2020

The 2021 catalogue goes live online this month, with the Swedish giant continuing to make good design accessible to all of us, by putting the focus on terrific problem-solving tips and practical hands-on ideas when we need it most. Read more, ‘Creating A New Feeling In An Old Home With Ikea.’

There’s stacks of big impact how-tos – that will help make your home more inviting, sustainable and beautiful. Plus lots of fantastic furniture, homewares and lighting.

This year’s catalogue is 70 years old and filled with the kind of thinking that has been the foundation of the iconic brand – the little things that can make a big difference to everyday life.

What makes IKEA  withstand the test of time? Its user-friendliness plays a big role in the company’s long-term success –  but it’s major draw is it’s a store for D.I.Y. enthusiasts. At a time when this is what we crave most. IKEA was one of the first companies to empower its shoppers to forgo the middleman.

Not only is IKEA’s furniture easy to build, but there are also plenty of hacks to give your furniture a personalized look.

IKEA has also simplified the entire shopping process by filling its catalogue with realistic mockups. Instead of picking out a product from a website and hoping it’ll work in your space, you can see exactly how a piece of furniture or accessory will look alongside other objects.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that IKEA’s sleek Scandinavian aesthetic looks good, is practical, and mixes well with high-end pieces. The Swedes are particularly adept at is the high/low mix.

When you throw IKEA in with good furniture, it looks luxe and, desirable. The furniture also doesn’t have dips and bevels, making it a lot easier to clean.

The latest catalogue shows you how to improvise to create a light, airy and relaxed feel. How to organise absolutely everything to make a difference, daily. Also, ways to keep track of the small things, and love your living area. The Catalogue will be available in-store and online at from 1 September 2020.

You’ll discover how to create a hallway, you can’t wait to come home to, give your bathroom a boost or add some ooh-la-la too any interior.


ONE:      Nordkisa open wardrobe with sliding bamboo door, $349,

TWO:     Glandelig dinnerware, from $5.99,

THREE: Misterbilt pendant light, $119, and Misterbilt table lamp, $49,

FOUR:   Dytag curtains, $89,

FIVE:     Kungsblomma queen quilt cover, $40,

SIX:        Bullig boxes, $19-$25,

SEVEN: Ivar storage system with bamboo doors, $312,

EIGHT:  Froset chair, $99,

NINE:    Lindbyn mirror, $79,

TEN:      Morbylanga oak table, $599,


ONE:       Sundvik Changing table, chest of drawers, $259

TWO:      Billy bookcase with glass doors, from $140,

THREE: Hindas Mirror, $49,

FOUR:    Lundskar washbasin mixer tap, $12,

FIVE:      Skaftet arched floor lamp, $70,

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