Tour a home full of personal collections.

October 15, 2019

Surrounded by lovely, unusual collections, handmade furniture and flea market finds live Sara, Patrik and Ragnar. Sara loves collecting everyday objects and creating compositions from them. Their home is far from perfect – but that’s the whole idea. Step inside…

A natural color palette

Sara works as an illustrator, and often works on children’s books. “I think the fact that I usually work with quite strong colors makes me choose natural ones at home,” she says. Plus, in a home full of collections, the warm, muted scheme keeps everything in beautiful unity.

“Beauty is a mindset. I see it in almost everything. I can find a simple branch outside and bring it in and put it next to a few other cute items and suddenly, there’s beauty.”


Collections inspired by nature

The first things you see when you walk into Sara’s apartment are two old, quite scruffy yet beautiful work tables with a still life inspired by nature on them.

“I love the luxury of non-lasting beauty, it’s there a while, brings you joy in the present, and then it’s gone. Luxury that disappears, but leaves you with a good feeling for a while.”

Worn, unfinished beauty

Much of the family furniture is handmade by Patrik or sourced from vintage markets – the more unfinished or imperfect, the better. “We used to drive a rented truck down to France once a year, and just browse among all the wonderful markets you find there,” says Sara. “When the truck was full we went back home – happy as kids!”

Creating a new feeling in an old home

When the small family moved into the apartment, a lot of work needed doing. The bedroom walls were covered with layers of wallpaper. Sara wanted to free up the walls and kept scraping until she hit the wall plaster. The result is a more inviting feeling. Recreating home is important for Sara. “As soon as one project is done, I come up with a new one.”

The joy of simple pleasures

This is a home that celebrates the beauty of the everyday – being together, nature and personal stories. And together, the family have created a home that reflects them without spending a lot. “Most of the things I use in my collections cost nothing,” says Sara.

“When I find beautiful shells on a shore – that’s like finding gold to me. For free!”

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