Five robust palettes that are trending big next year.

June 21, 2021

Dunn-Edwards, manufacturer and distributor of paint colours and coatings in the American Southwest, is betting on a few key trends for next year—and designers should take note. This month, the company has introduced its own set of 2022 Colour + Design Trends in the form of five robust paint palettes, which address a few themes already on the rise.

“Trends such as health and wellness, community, and sustainability have been discussed for years, but have really pushed front and centre as we move forward away from the pandemic and what its influence was, is, and will be in our lives,” says Sara McLean, Dunn-Edwards’s colour expert and stylist. Read more, ‘The 20 Best Paint Colours According to Dulux.’

Other trends such as privacy, flexible spaces, well-travelled design looks, extreme comfort in seating and spaces, and sound abatement solutions really pushed forward into the forethought of 2022 trends.

Terracotta hues tiptoeing into a richer mineral palette, promise a feeling of harmony without being overpowering. Photo:

The end result is a collection of 60 colours across five palettes, which pull inspiration from sources as diverse as mystic symbolism and the paintings of Matisse. Read more, ‘Paint Colours with Cult Followings: 10 Picks.’

Considered holistically, they reflect a love of basic comforts that blossomed over the past year, as well as a reinvigorated desire to explore new possibilities.

An aged patina of terracotta always does the trick when it comes to extreme comfort in the home. Photo: 

Featuring cool blues and soft greens alongside various takes on tan, brown, and grey, the Mediterranean helped inspire Meraki, one of the palettes in the release. Taking its name from the Greek word for passion and love, Meraki also encompasses paint colours like Rose de Mai, a dusty pink. The palette Mysa is named after a Swedish term for engaging in a pleasurable activity—an idea that will surely take on new resonance as people increasingly step into the outside world to travel and see friends as lockdowns lift. With regionally inspired paint colors like green-grey Aspen Hush and the simple pleasures referenced in shades like Carrot Cake, this palette’s tones promise to restore a sense of adventure in ways both subtle and strong. Buy now for unlimited access and all of the benefits that only members get to experience. Read more, ‘Australia’s Best Paint Colours Are.’

Fans of Matisse’s masterworks will instantly recognize the bold shades of Often Orange and Beaded Blue, two colors within the Retrouvailles palette.

This collection mixes bohemian aesthetics along with earthier colours, evoking a sense of artisanal craftsmanship. As its name suggests, the Elysian palette offers a more fantastical approach to decorators, leaning into pastel shades that form a dreamlike impression. Whether it’s a burst of Gatsby Glitter (a sparkling yellow) or Royal Pretender (a rich purple), there’s a streak of lighthearted joy and creative inspiration that runs through this collection.

Cool, earthy shades are a no-brainer when creating a fortress of zen at home. Photo:

Finally, Naturrensing is all about returning to the earth and casting off what we no longer need. With such a broad conception of what the future holds, there’s more than enough inspiration to go around among these 60 trending paint colorus. Whether you take your home to Elysian realms, stay closer to your roots, or explore something in between is up to you. Read more, ’10 Designers Weigh In On The Best White Paint Colours.’

Cool, earthy shades ranging from Rose Meadow to Blue Tapestry and a collection of browns promise to pair well with woods, offering solutions for designers seeking something sturdy and timeless.

Sturdy and timeless is the goal for 2022 Color + Design Trends. Photo:

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