Looking for tried-and-true shades of white, stone, grey, green, blue and deep, warm earthy muted tones that suit our Australian light.

October 23, 2017

We reached out to leading experts to find out which paint colours they return again and again. Here are their top picks- the go-to’s they’ve painted countless incredible interiors and exteriors, and know work- starting with… 

Antique White USA, Half Strength

“We just used this for three new National Trust shops in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania- using half-strength to knock the yellow back, and make everything look fresh. It’s a go-to classic.” Linda Gregorio, National CEO, The Store National Trust.  

Dulux Antique

“A sophisticated olive colour that works with neutrals but equally well with pinks, oranges or blues.” Linda Gregorio, National CEO, The Store National Trust.  

Porter’s Paints Sydney Stone + Riverstone

Two quintessential, warm         greys which are trending all over Australia right now- particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, according to Peter Lewis, founder of Porter’s Paints.  

Dulux Skyway

“The perfect duckegge blue, that you can use in a minimal way as an accent for doors, trims, shutters and woodwork. I’ve used it on my front door at home, and it makes me feel good the minute I walk through the door everytime.” Linda Gregorio, National CEO, The Store National Trust.

Dulux Calfskin

“A beautiful warm driftwood grey that I’ve used throughout the interior of my country hous.e” Cameron Kimber, Cameron Kimber Interior Design.

Dulux Milton Mood + Louisiana Sand

Two of the best colours around for Australian houses. Iain Halliday and Greg Natale are both fans.  

Dulux Pebble Grey

“A classic, soft grey for interiors with looks that will last. Ideal for woodwork too, in quarter strength.” Lynda Kerry, Lynda Kerry Interior Design.

Dulux Timeless Grey

“It looks great on exteriors combined with black iron windows, bronze light fittings and a copper roof. It’s a fabulous mix that I’ve used on a job.” Lynda Kerry, Lynda Kerry Interior Design.

Dulux Teahouse

A mid-to-dark grey that works particularly well in dark spaces. It adds depth to rooms, provides an excellent backdrop whatever your look, doesn’t draw attention to itself, and makes furniture, art and everything else look right.” Brendan Wong, Brendan Wong Design.

Dulux Lexicon

The top choice for an all-purpose white is Dulux Lexicon loved by leading Australian designers from Thomas Hamel to Iain Halliday, Greg Natale, Partarre owner, Richard Haigh and Anna Spiro. Use a mix of half-and-quarter-strength. If it’s good enough for the award winning boutique hotel, Halcyon House, it’s certainly good enough for us.

Porter’s Paints Milk + Orchid

“A couple of winners that makes everything look sophisticated.  

Dulux Vivid White

A bright, cool white. Big Australian design names such as Iain Halliday, Anna Spiro, Poco Design, Charlotte Coote (Coote & Co) and Pamela Makin, (Les Interieurs) all swear by it. “It’s my fave cooler white. Half-strength for walls and quarter-strength for ceilings, woodwork, mouldings and trims,” says Coote.

Dulux Whisper White

The warm white of old, pre-brightened, starched linen. A favourite with big Australian design talents like Cameron Kimber, Walter Herman and Lynda Kerry. Use a mix of half and quarter strength.

Dulux Beige Royal

The got- white paint for top-knotch designers Michael Love, Marco Meneguzzi and Cameron Kimber. “We like it because it has a warm, neutral tone, as opposed to most whites, which we find either too blue, too icy or too yellow,” Kimber says.

Dulux Stowe White

(a cream white) A Darryl Gordon classic.

Dulux Natural White

A classic according to designers such as Poppy O’Neil and Charlotte O’Neil of Poco Design and Cahrlotte Coote, Coote and Co, who says “It’s one of the best warm whites around.”

Resene Spanish White

“It’s such a clever colour.” Says leading Melbourne interior designer Adelaide Bragg. “It’s fresh yet has depth. We halve it, quarter it, double it. I’ve just painted my entire house in it with some grass weave wallpaper to add some pop. Other good whites she recommends include Resene Blanc, Parchment and Fossil.

Taubmans White Alpaca

One of the best whites around says leading designer Darryl Gordon.

Dulux White Satin

Another hot white according to leading Melbourne architect Rob Mills who recently used it throughout pukka Sydney yoga outfit, One Hot Yoga.

Dulux Smokebrush (half-strength)

“A great grey you won’t go wrong with. David Hicks, David Hicks Design.

Resene Akaroa + Parchment

“Both versatile soft grey shades with a timeless quality. We love Resene for its sophisticated tinting and the way its colours stay true long after they have been applied.” Adelaide Bragg, Adelaide Bragg & Associates.  

Dulux Liquorice

“It is my all-time favourite. A dark, dark grey that makes any house look smart.” Walter Herman, Walter Herman Design.

Porter’s Paints Sonte Fine

“It’s like layering your house with a fine sandpaper.” Peter Lewis, founder Porter’s Paints. If it’s good enough for the Art Gallery of NSW, it’s certainly good enough for us.

Murobond Smoked Trout

“A colour that will give walls instant character and interest. Repeat clients include architect powerhouses from Clive lucas to Howard Tanner, Nick Tobias, Peter Stuchbury, Brian Zulaikha Tonkin, Dubach Block Jaggers and Candaleoas & Assocaites, Rowena Judd, Murobond.

Duluc Barn Swallow

A dark grey with a rich brown is the choice of Richard Hiagh, founder of Parterre.

Dulux Legend Tan

“I am a big fan of this classic grey-beige stone in double strength. It makes everything look good.” Cameron Kimber, Cameron Kimber Design.

Honourary Mentions Go to the Old Classics: 

Dulux Grand Piano: “It is the ultimate stone colour. It’s not too pink. Or too green. Or too yellow, it’s just right.” Lynda Kerry, Lynda Kerry Design. 

Dulux Plateau Grey: “A smart stone that makes a room. It holds furniture really well and looks particularly glamorous when mixed with white woodwork.” Walter Herman, Walter Herman Design.  

Resene Fossil, Canterbury Clay and Haystack: “Fossil is a great stone paint we use in our work, while Canterbury Clay and Haystack are really good caramels. They all have real depth, and are slightly ‘off’ which makes them impossible to imitate.” 

Dulux Hog Bristle: “An oldie but a goodie.” Adelaide Bragg, Adelaide Bragg and Associates.  

Dulux Dreyfuss Half Strength, Soft Dove and Pearl Ash: “These are the stone paints we love,” says David Hicks, David Hicks Design. 

Farrow + Ball Nancy Blushes: The Brit paint houses’ is a true pink that suits Australia well.  

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