If you're the kind of person who goes out and buys a Golden Pothos for your bathroom, patio - you name it - just because the one in your kitchen is thriving, we have bad news: not every variety flourishes in the same environment, even within the confines of your house. 

October 29, 2017

Think about it, your home is filled with rooms that boast very different levels of humidity (hello, bathrooms) and sunlight. Lucky for you, the experts at Home Advisor identified the specific variety or you should keep in these different spaces so you can skip that whole killing your new plant hing. 

Another factor in deciding where to put a plant is identifying what each variety’s key attribution is. For instance, Weeping Figs remove toxins and increase oxygen levels, which is why they’re practically made for your bedroom. And since Jade Plants are symbols for good luck, keep them in your hallway to greet people as they enter your home. 

Plants in our homes can add freshness and comfort to our surroundings. But if you’re new to indoor gardening, what do you put where without it dying on you within the first week? We’ve selected the perfect plant for each room that require easy care, bringing your home into full bloom. 

BEDROOM: Weeping Fig

Known for its ability to remove common airborne toxins and increase oxygen levels. Placing in your bedroom means your oxygen supply will increase as you sleep. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.  


It absorbs benzene produced by cigarette smoke, as well as toxins emitted from printers, photocopiers and adhesives. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water Regularly.  


Successfully removes spores in the air, making it perfect for laundry rooms. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.  

BATHROOM: Chinese Evergreen

A durable plant with an exquisite exterior from its silver foliage and unforgettable blooms. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly and keep the soil moist.  

DINING ROOM: The Snake Plant

A striking looking plant that will get your friends talking when over for dinner. Light: Partial sun. Place in direct sunlight. Water: Water occasionally. Let the soil dry out in between waterings.  

LIVING ROOM: Bamboo Palm

The parlour palm not only looks the part, but it is one of the cheapest palms you can buy. Perfect for a houseplant beginner or a seasoned collector. Light: Partial sun. Water: Water regularly.  

HALLWAY: Jade Plant

They are considered to be symbols of good luck and are a great feature for new visitorts to see in your home when entertaining. Light: Full Sun. Water: Water regularly.  

KITCHEN: Golden Pothos

They can thrive as hanging plants, as the leaves grow down in cascading vines. NASA places this plant within the top 3 houseplants successful in removing formakdehyde. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water occasionally.  


This isn’t a plant that you position and forget about it. It’s very much a living and breathing plant, its leaves fold together at night and unfold as the morning approaches. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.  

BALCONY: Ferns, Marigold and Mint

Ferns are perfect if your outdoor space receives a lot of shade. Marigold is low-maintainence, pest repellent and grow in beautiful colours. Mint is easy to grow and you can use it in the kitchen.

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