Gently infusing interiors with fragrance- subtle and home appropriate, as opposed to perfume-bomb intense- will invisibly but beautifully elevate the atmosphere.

October 30, 2017


Sparkling, clean, and refreshing, almost any sort of citrus fragrance exudes an Amalfi Coast sophistication and a breezy confidence.


Mysterious and complex, these kinds of scents express an intriguing sexiness and enveloping, exotic warmth. They give any space a sense of far-flung chic.


This is hands down the most popular, universally enchanting fragrance. Women and men find its combination of faint sweetness and familiar coziness irresistible.


There’s a bracing, grounding freshness to scents like pine, spruce, fir, and cedar that connects us to the outdoors, and to the season. Both sexes love it too.


The scent of a roaring fire in the fireplace is like no other. Rich and warm but not at all sweet, it’s somehow supremely confident and down-to-earth all at once.


Candlelight is one of the quickest ways of adding instant glamour to a space. They make you (and your rooms) look beautiful. That’s why so many proposals are made over candlelit dinners. They can disguise all kinds of flaws. They create atmosphere and movements. Shadows on walls. Magic. Scented candles can lose their fragrance over time so don’t keep them for too long before using them.It’s best not to light differently scented candles in the same room as, unlike perfume, candles can be hard to blend.

Forget using scented candles to try and mask a bad odour- it doesn’t work.

Never blow on a flame to put it out (the black smoke will ruin the effect). Snuff it out. Change your home’s scent with the seasons: try something warm and woody for winter; fresh and citrusy for summer. Light your candles one hour before guests arrive for the best effect.

In small rooms or a wardrobe, unlit scented candles can perfume the air, and infuse your things with a pretty smell. Avoid cheap candles- they smell awful.

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