Time to get organised. It's good for both body and mind.

May 14, 2019

Do you think about your future self a lot. We like to thinks our Future Self will be someone who walks every morning (just for fun!), is a fun-but-stern-when-she-needs-to-be-boss, and speaks another language. But most of the time, when about our future self, it’s because we needs the motivation to get boring things done. Getting organised is unquestionably good for both body and mind – and making it easier to find things like paperwork and lost warranties. 

Do the dishes before you go to bed. It’s surprising how such a simple act can be so sweet. Image via Zara ‘Timeless’ 2019 Range,

In the age of commodified self-care, conversations about the way we look after ourselves have become overwhelmed by sheet masks, essential oils, and bath bombs that go viral on Instagram. And while those are all Very Good Things, in our adult experience, the best way to care for yourself is a lot more practical.

To us, self-care means doing all the things we used to leave for future-us to worry about (paying bills, sewing missing buttons back on, going to the dentist) as soon as they need to be done.

Before we started employing this mind trick, regularly ignoring our chores, errands, and other life admin meant that we were constantly playing catchup with boring tasks while new ones piled on. But when we started thinking of this mountain of to-dos as potential favours to our future self — who will surely have enough spare time to file our endless paperwork one of these days — something in us unlocked. Suddenly we had a motivation outside of some boring sense of duty: selfishness. The good kind! Without further ado, a non-exhaustive list of our favourite things to do for your future-you:

Put fresh sheets on your bed before you go on holiday. Photo via Zara ‘Timeless’ 2019 Range,


Whenever you leave home for a weekend away, you return feeling like your batteries have been recharged. The fastest way to undo those feelings of restorativeness is returning to a messy home — specifically, a crumpled unmade bed. It takes approximately three minutes to make your bed before I leave, but it’s an action that’s always appreciated. It’s a tiny reminder that your home is also a lovely place to be.

Free yourself from meaningless clutter, but still surround yourself with useful, beloved things. Image via Zara ‘Timeless’ 2019 Range,

2. Dry-Clean Your Coats At The End of Winter.

Shoving bulky winter coats into the suitcase that lives under your bed is not a great idea. Your wardrobe might be clear but this joyous action should not be rushed, lest the first cold day of the season arrives a few months later and you’re left only with musty coats to keep you warm.

3. Buy A New Umbrella As Soon As Your new one Starts Flipping Inside Out.  

Do you think every storm is the last one you’ll ever experience? You arrive home with a broken umbrella and toss it away, only to curse yourself a few weeks later when the rain returned.

Buy a good collection of attractive umbrellas on a dry day.  

Get on top of that mess, and get on top of your life. Photo via Zara ‘Timeless’ 2019 Range,

4. Do The Dishes Before You Go To Bed.

How can an act so simple feel so good. Waking up to a clean kitchen is a gift everyone loves to receive daily, so stack the dishwasher before bed, even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

5. Buy Loo Paper, Toothpaste and Olive Oil in Bulk.  

Running out of loo paper is bad, but I’ll gladly argue that running out of olive oil is worse. Whatever your irreplaceable staple is, the lesson here is to buy your essentials before they run out — not after. The fastest way to go from feeling like your life is spinning out of control to living with an overwhelming sense of calm is to maintain everything. There is no excuse for disorder it takes twenty minutes to whip around every day and put things straight, and it’s such a great way to live.

Get on top of that mess, and get on top of your life. Free yourself from meaningless clutter, but still surround yourself with useful beloved things and think of your future-self as an innocent being who deserves to be given the best chance at success possible.

It takes approximately three minutes to make your bed, but it’s an action that’s always appreciated. Photo via Zara ‘Timeless’ 2019 Range,

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