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July 8, 2020

If there’s one mistake most dwellers are guilty of it’s not paying enough attention to the spaces outside their home.

While we appreciate an impeccably designed living room and a dining space curated to a T, you’d be remiss not to decorate your front porch – or entry – with an equal amount of flair as any other room inside of your house. We’re talking adding some texture with a big doormat and providing seating outdoor patio furniture.

Whether you have just a couple of metres or a sprawling wrap-around porch, this is the inspiration you need to bring the cozy, welcoming feel outside your front door. Read more here on ‘Curb Appeal.’ Here are some suggestions:

Sweet Escape

Your front porch is the first thing you see when you get home—use it to create an oasis you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. A place to call your own. Adding elements that remind you of holidays, like bamboo furniture and palm leaves might be just what you need to create a special space, you crave right outside your front door. Read more, ‘Easy Updates For Instant Curb Appeal.’

Small Space, Big Impact

If you’re working with a tiny space, the worst thing you can do is leave it empty—that only makes it look even smaller. Instead, utilize every square centimetre strategically to give the illusion of more square metreage. Adding a bistro table and chairs, accented by your favourite potted plants and outdoor lanterns, not only gives you instant curb appeal, it might also become your favourite place to enjoy your morning coffee. 

Farmhouse In The Front

If you’re looking to create that classic farmhouse feel, the first thing you’d want to incorporate is a pair of wooden chairs. Or wicker armchairs. The addition of cushions, throw blankets and some iron fixtures complete the look. 

Pattern Play

If you’re a fan of mixing prints inside your home, don’t shy away from your pattern play when it comes to your front exterior. This adorable setup incorporates an outdoor rug, patio upholstery, and a mosaic technique on the floor to create tons of visual interest and an inviting space, even before visitors step foot inside.

There’s The Door

There’s one item that can make or break the final look of your front porch. It’s your front door. We’re obsessed with this Dutch door (that’s what you call the door functions on the top half as a window, and a full door when guests make their way in). And the best pair is the honey color of the wood complements this neutral space like a dream. The quickest and most effective way to add style to your entry is to jazz up your front door. With the right colour (and door knocker), a plain Jane door can become the goddess of cool. Read more, ‘What The Colour Of Your Front Door Says About You.’

Think of it like jewellery for your house.

It can be a little flashier than the rest of the outfit.

Tile Files

You would never put up with an ugly floor in your living room (we hope), so why would you settle for a less-than-perfect flooring on your porch? Luckily, there are plenty of options for reflooring your outdoor space, including some that are budget-friendly. If you’re feeling crafty, you can invest in some peel and stick tiles, or stencil a design on your floor using an outdoor paint.

A Place To Hang Out

Think of adding a hanging day bed with a bench swing made for dozing, reading or contemplating. Add a few cushions to instantly create a comfortable space to hang out on your downtime. 

When in doubt, stick with a clean colour palette. Image via @laurelberninteriors.

Clean And Classic

When in doubt, stick with a clean colour palette—it’ll add to the open, airy feeling any front porch strives for. You can use all types of wood, for everything from beamed ceilings to seating, and slatted floor, and give them a harmonious look with a wash of white paint. The result will be minimal, without being boring.

Kaleidoscope Of Colour

On the other hand, if colour is your thing, you can create a bright and cheery front porch to bring sunshine to the area all-year round. A fresh coat of paint in a pop of colour on your front door sets the tone, while potted flowers in all shades will add tons of visual interest. Read more, ‘Decorating With Colour: A 4-Step Guide.’

Curated Vignettes

Just like you would inside your home, look for nooks and tiny vignettes to create purposeful spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a space to cosy up with your favorite books, one to enjoy your morning coffees, or one that just looks out into a gorgeous view, knowing its purpose before you begin decorating will be key. If the goal is to plant roots for sunset watching, a bench and some comfortable cushions work much better than, a bistro table. Call in a carpenter to do build a bench. 

Greenhouse Effect

If you’ve always wanted a greenhouse but never had the space to fit it anywhere, consider making your front porch the new home for all your plants. A single chair is all you need to sit outside and admire the growth of all your favorite greens.

If you’ve always wanted a greenhouse but never had the space to fit it anywhere, consider making your front porch the new home for all your plants. Image via @loithai instagram

It’s All In The Details

No matter how much or how little space you have to work with, it’s the little things that make your front porch look and feel inviting. Outdoor rugs add texture, while a doormat welcomes you home every evening.

Replace Your Entrance Light

It’s hard to go wrong with a wharf light or lantern; both are versatile styles that complement mod and trad facades. Read more, ‘Get Switched On: The Latest In Outdoor Lighting.’

Get a New Doormat

When it comes to doormats, buy them like carpets. If it’s stained, scuffed, worn or faded, replace it immediately.

Big doormats only; not small.

A Minimal Approach

You don’t need tons of patio furniture to make a space feel comfortable—you just need the right pieces. This minimal front porch features a single chair, bench swing and a side table, but that alone is enough to make us want to spend our afternoons relaxing in.

Outdoor Entertaining

Whether you’re lacking the space indoors, or you just prefer to entertain al fresco, bringing elements like a seating area and a place to dine onto your porch is just what you need to set the mood outside. Elements like pillows, throw blankets, rugs and outdoor lamps make it feel just as comfy as it would inside. Read more, ‘6 Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2020- For Any Budget.’

If there’s one surefire way to enhance your front porch (and maximise your seating), it’s adding a bench or built-in seating. Image via @loithai.

A Place To Kick Your Feet Up

If there’s one surefire way to enhance your front porch (and maximize your seating), it’s adding a bench or built-in seating that spans the entire length of your porch. You’ll have plenty of space to kick back with friends, enjoy sunsets, and maybe even catch a mid-day catnap.

Go For Harmony

You can take years off your house with a lick of new paint. Use the same colour (such as driftwood, stone, grey, charcoal or black) for the house, trim and stairs to give a great first impression. You can change the entry stairs from existing concrete or brick to marble, stone or slate and then paint the house’s trim and body the same colour.


Flank your entry with matching potted plants to create instant symmetry.  A pair of boot scrapers, wall lights, plants, or pretty much anything, will add instant formality to your entrance.


Shrubs should frame your windows, like eyebrows frame and fence our faces  – keep them manicured, not out-of-control.


If your windows have a visible layer of dust, cobwebs or dirt on the sills, get out there and clean them.

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