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March 23, 2021

Kitchens, like the rest of our homes, have been influenced by the pivots that have taken place over the past 12 months, as we focus on health, safety and stylish solutions. Comfort and connection in the kitchen have never been more essential. Here we join Architectural Digest at a look at the future of all things luxury in the next wave of kitchen features and what’s to come? Read more, ‘Kitchen Design Ideas: Inspiration For The Heart of the House.’

Nine key trends that designers would do well to buy into today.

The Return of Wood 

People are showing a lot more interest in wood cabinets and finishes, specifically, really beautiful natural ash wood, which renders a rustic contemporary vibe. Down-to-earth by nature but used in a more modern way, wood offers layers of luxury to the kitchen. People are yearning for a sense of calm and for soothing palettes. Lots of texture and warmth is important in the kitchen. We are seeing less white and more richness in the overall palette. Read more, ‘How To Avoid The 5 Worst Kitchen Mistakes.’

Whether that comes from a deeper, richer colour to the wood, steering away from purely neutral palettes allows for a more personal approach to the kitchen.

Little Details 

Kitchens are becoming as detailed as possible. And that’s a good thing. People are making their kitchens personal, not necessarily in keeping with the famous triangle [layout between stove, sink, and refrigerator] but rather what works best for them. The art of details often opens up the conversation to custom work. There are more customisable options to select different finishes for appliances with custom façades and covers to choose from. And that’s what people request most—functionality and customisation for their daily routines. Details like coffee and juice bars are common. Read more‘How To Renovate Your Kitchen and Not End Up In Tears.’

The double island craze adds storage to your kitchen, and it provides more space to prepare food and entertain guests. Image via @_foodstories_

Double Islands 

Have you noticed the double island craze? This trend adds storage to your kitchen, and it provides more space to prepare food and entertain guests. With sleek sight lines and abundant counter space, double islands are the ultimate indulgence. Double islands make a huge difference in kitchens and are the perfect gathering points. Having space for them—that’s the true luxury item.” Read more, ‘Inside Some of the Worlds’ Best Kitchens And Everything To Steal Their Style.’

The End of Upper Cabinets 

Thanks to the emergence of double islands, it appears that upper cabinetry may fall into the category of ornamental rather than necessary. By increasing the functionality and usability, it eliminates the need for upper cabinets, creating an open-concept kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be an extension of the living space, so it’s important that the design feel less purely utilitarian. The aim?

Incorporate open shelves as areas of display to house beautiful china and glassware, but be conscious not to overcrowd them.

Smarter Kitchens

Appliances are getting smarter. Tech advances are no longer confined to media rooms and sound systems but are proving to make some serious breakthroughs in the kitchen. The integrated smart-technology systems and options catering to the lifestyle of end-users have been game-changing and seemingly grow more advanced by the day. Now you can have technology integrated into most functions and appliances, from smart faucets to ovens being controlled by your smartphone to simple touch-closing cabinets. Smart kitchens are really where the luxury kitchen design ethos is heading. Most of us are spending increased time in our and homes and want the kitchen to ease day-to-day tasks. Subsequently, technology is leading to more eco-friendly kitchen environments complete with air purifiers for clean air. Read more, ‘What’s Popular in Kitchen Design Right Now.’

Material selection is one of the most important part of designing a luxury kitchen – with sinks in different materials and finishes. Image via @_designtales_


Most of us have rediscovered the joys of cooking on a more regular basis, and kitchen appliances that were once left to collect dust in drawers and deep cabinets are being utilized [more]. Accommodating for a more permanent home for these appliances and gadgets that do not clutter your kitchen is highly desirable. The solution? Concealed design and disguised storage: There are so many options now that remove the cluttered look from counters, such as pop-up plugs, rotating panels that contain storage behind them, and push-to-open cabinets with invisible hardware allowing your materials to take centre stage. Read more, ’10 Tricks To Declutter Your Kitchen.’

People are also definitely opting for hidden appliances and more interesting ranges.

We’ve also noticed people are using their microwaves less and less, or not bothering with them, they don’t need to take up valuable space, and we’ve also started seeing a few steam ovens—that seems to be a newer trend. There is a shift from the standard stainless commercial-style range to European ranges in fabulous colours and textures, with the power of a professional range but more unique to individual needs.

Rethinking Materials 

We are seeing a big return of old materials used in new ways from brass hoods to copper panels, wood cabinets, onyx instead of marble, unique lighting, and sinks in different finishes. Material selection is one of the most important part of designing a luxury kitchen. The future is more mixed materials such as concrete mixed with glossy natural stone, creating the ultimate impact. Read more, ‘What’s Hot and What’s Not in Kitchen Design.’

Kitchens are designed to be an extension of the living space, so it’s important that the design feel less purely utilitarian.Image via @_foodstories_

Decorative Fixtures 

We’re big on decorative fixtures that offer beautiful, ambient, and diffused light in a kitchen. Of course, task lighting is important where needed. Architects loathe recessed lighting—and for good reason. It disrupts clean lines. We do a lot of surface-mount lighting and pendant and lantern lighting. Task lighting is a huge aspect of designing kitchens that truly function as they should.

Islands will always have pendants—think of them as suspended jewelry.

We’re trending toward larger pendants—two instead of three or, even better, a single spectacular pendant. People are incorporating more decorative fixtures—especially as there is now so much choice out there.


There is definitely a move toward being more environmentally conscious when it comes to the design of a kitchen—and that’s a great thing. Most of our clients get really excited when it comes to incorporating sustainable materials. People are using a lot of antiques in their kitchen designs like shelving and lighting. We’ve also used tiles made of recycled materials, marble remnants, and reclaimed wood.

There are so many options now that remove the cluttered look from benchtops, allowing your materials to take centre stage.Image via @warm_minimalism

This article first appeared in Architectural Digest.

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