Singing the praise of bathroom bliss.

September 10, 2019

Begin by asking yourself two key questions. How much bathroom space do I have to work with? And what look and feel am I after? Whatever your needs, there are great-looking and high-functioning bathware for all settings, whether you’ve got a spacious, spa-size bathroom or a tiny urban space. Read more, ‘Bathrooms of The Future: Why Wellness And Credentials Count.’

When you’re ready to make your decisions, here’s what’s trending this year.

People are spending more to increase the size of bathrooms to create a spa-like environment with a destination bathtub that is place to take time for yourself. Boffi bathtub by N. Fukasawa via


Bathrooms can often look and feel cold with so many tiles, glass, and metal. But the smallest room in the house is becoming like an extension of the rest of the home. Less a utility room and more an extension of other living spaces that engage the senses and reflect our personality and style. It’s about including special pieces of furniture from antique cabinets to vintage chairs and wooden stools that add warmth, texture, and character.


Many people are spending more to increase the size of bathrooms to create a spa-like environment and not only want to keep the bathtub, but are also celebrating it. For a new generation, the bathtub is a place to rest, heal, unplug, and indulge in the ultimate luxury: taking time for themselves. Read more, ’15 Of The Most Brilliant Bathtubs You’ll Ever See.’

Bathing promises serenity on tap.

If space allows, the ever-popular freestanding tub is now more like a free-range tub, creating a destination of its own, with a great view and other accessories to turn bathing into a significant experience (or event). 


Towels now come in more than just standard terry: textures like waffle weave, ribbed, and flat-woven are readily available. But, if you’re the type who prefers soft, plush towels, terry is still our favourite, and we reckon your best bet for adding instant luxe. Read more, ‘How To Buy Bath Towels: A Quick Guide.’


Hectic ceramic tiles are officially over in the bathroom as the trend for variegated, muted glaze tiles rises. Patterned tiles tend to dominate small spaces such as bathrooms and date – they simply don’t stand the test of time in a bathroom the way a classic stone does. It’s all about solid-coloured tiles in neutrals with variation in glazes, that are beautiful, natural, and have enduring appeal and work with successive colour schemes.


Hard-milled solid cakes of soap are making a comeback, and we applaud the choice. Bar soap adds a layer of decoration, and personality to bathrooms plus it’s a sustainable choice. Read more, ‘Hand Soap Is The New Candle.’

You won’t be adding to the trillions of tons of plastic making its way to oceans with your paper-wrapped milled soap.

We buy pure unscented bath soaps, handmade in Australia that use natural ingredients at our local supermarket, $2 for four cakes – so we can always put new bars out on washbasins and bathtub racks for guests.


Naked light is out – even for bathrooms. If you’ve ever felt aged by harsh illumination, you’ll be happy to hear harsh illumination isn’t aging well itself. We’re moving away from the glass-globe fixtures and game-show lighting we’ve been bombarded with over the past few years. Subtle indirect fixtures, like sconces and under cabinet lighting are the new ultimate luxury for creating ambience, as we see a shift to softer, more diffused light in 2019 bathrooms.

While black tapware isn’t new, what’s catching on is a welcome shift away from golds, both brushed and high-shine. Boffi bathtub, image via


While black tapware isn’t new, what’s catching on is a welcome shift away from golds, both brushed and high-shine. Black offers a pure kind of design language, is cooler and sharper than the brass and gold of recent seasons for the bathroom.


In recent years, many metallic finishes have captured the zeitgeist. Copper and brass have coated everything, from lighting to tapware. Now chrome is ready to shine again. It has a kind of magic liquidity that can’t be matched.


New tapware, doorknobs, cupboard handles, light switches and window latches are quick ways to add very affordable class to a bathroom, whatever your style. And you should never skimp on things you notice or touch every day.

Details that get used daily need to be not only good-looking but durable.


Replace one group of old, mismatched accessories with a new lot in your accent colour. New towels, toothbrush holders, or a pair of great stone dishes, artfully placed, will make your bathroom look as if you have spent a lot more than you have.


Small spaces like bathrooms are all about editing.  Avoid too many knickknacks or at least group them so they read as an installation. The bottom line is you need to be strict with yourself, (actually, this concept applies to all spaces), and intentional about everything that goes into the bathroom.


If you have the space,  then a tray is a good way to organize potions, lotions, bubbles and unguents.

It’s about making your collections feel edited and well displayed.

This season’s styles have a whimisical, luxe feel compared with previous seasons’ more masculine styles.


Mirrors are magic, an old trick that still works. Read more, ‘ 11 Mirrors You Didn’t Know You Needed (Until Now!). A mirrored wall doubles the light, and the impression of space in any room.


If you want your bathroom to feel more luxurious, think of layering it with sound-absorbing materials. Stacks of towels, curtains, rugs and art can soften the hard lines of architecture. Each of these layers and textures makes a space feel rich and promote comfort.

Small spaces like bathrooms are all about editing. Boffi L14 washbasin by N. Wangen via

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