The practises born in lockdown, that will stick around.

May 16, 2022

Some practises born in lockdown, and during the virus will probably stick around – for better or worse. Some of our responses are fleeting, others will endure. Covid has lead to progress for our homes. Some tragedies have unexpected consequences.  It has changed the way we perceive our homes with a hard-earned realism. We want to protect our families from unnecessary anxieties, and create safe, beautiful havens where we feel secure. The virus has reflected something fundamental to the human experience: the urge to design and adapt in the face of crises.

This week, we have gathered together a collection of the most clicked-on stories from the past year that offer practical advice as well as the most surprising shifts of the post-pandemic home. It’s the inspiration you need to tackle household hopes and dreams because the joy of home continues to loom large, my friends. We look at the best ways to give a room a wow factor in a subtle, 2022 way – and the opportunities to create new baselines.

We’ve all been sitting in our houses reevaluating what’s really compelling and important. When we think about how we want to live, our presets are all different now—and it’s the same with our houses, gardens, and communities. The pandemic compelled people to take stock of their rituals and values.

We’re all facing down the same questions: “Where do we want to live?” and “What kind of home do we need?” We are on the cusp of an impactful new era that is reshaping the way we live in better ways. Excitement and positivity come in many forms. Read on…

Justin Coit.


The Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 – Coming out of the pandemic, we have a renewed appreciation for emotional and mental health. COVID has put an exclamation point on living well. What’s in: interiors that reflect a longer lifespan, and furnishings that are timelessly chic and functional. Here are the best trends for 2022 that will bring peace of mind  – as well as those bowing out.

12 Trends That Will Shape the Way We Live this Year – The pandemic will shape the way we live, much as World War II and the Great Depression did. After a tumultuous two years, alternating between lockdowns, and new outbreaks, life will not return to the old normal.

It will be a new world – altering the rhythms of everyday life.

Michael P. H. Clifford.

Exploring the Home of Tomorrow: Top 10 Design Trends These are the new realities. Home is just not home anymore. A return to normal should no longer even be the aim. It’s an emotional home we’re after – the heartfelt connection we have to the place that makes us happy. The kitchen is the number one room to demand concentration, while bedrooms are becoming junior suites.

We all have learned how important simple and beautiful objects can be during lockdown. They are essential somehow.

The pandemic compelled people to take stock of their rituals and values. The focus will be on sustainable housing that is more decorative and cosier. Photo: Jessie Andrews.

10 Renovation Trends You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of in 2022 – As life becomes weirder and even more difficult to believe, the message of 2022 is let’s live well and create our own happy places. To get those dream homes and projects ideating, here are the home renovation predictions – from side hustle spaces to investments in the home office = we are forecasting for the new year.

Let’s keep renovating!

Michael P. H. Clifford.


Your Guide to Living Well in the Next Decade: 35 Insider Predictions –  Moving to the country is one of the biggest shakeups of the last few years with a new demographic of rural buyers – either people who “would have never imagined they might move out of town” or young couples “leapfrogging” the suburban semi. See how travel, dining, homes and decorating will change post-pandemic – for the better. Consider this required reading.

Justin Coit.

Your Guide to the Ultimate Garden Transformation – Whether you have a tiny terrace or acres to play with, our ideas will help you max out your outdoors and create your own soothing oasis. Learn the tricks to create a country garden without a yard? How the right lighting can transform your outdoors into a luxury resort.

Start nurturing a restorative plot that will soothe anxiety, today.

Chris Mottalini

12 Predictions for a Happy Home – Active engagement in homes has outpaced consumption as consumers crave mindful and cheerier surroundings for 2022. People want to surround themselves with uplifting and heartwarming moments around their homes, inviting joy and jubilation into their daily lives.

Find out why moments of happiness in decoration are keeping spirits high for our living spaces in 2022.

Michael P. H. Clifford.

What Home Improvements Will Add Value To Your Home – Not every project will give a return on investment. Go for a pool or garden office but avoid hot tubs and conservatories.

Since the pandemic has changed how we use our properties, there’s a temptation to spend upon home improvement. But be careful.

Justin Coit.


An Inside look at My Daughter Isabella’s Wedding – Peak wedding season is upon us with a backlog from Covid. Perhaps you’re already invited to ceremonies in the coming months, or maybe you’ve just noticed that your Instagram feed is flooded with images from wedding celebrations that appear more lavish, far-flung, or quirky than you remember seeing in a while. It’s not your imagination.

There’s a whole range of new-wave nuptials, nothing like you’ve seen before.

Everything from extremely over-the-top black-tie affairs to breezy vows on the beach to mini-nuptials like my daughter Isabella’s which went viral when published earlier this year.

Isabella Walker-Smith’s micro wedding in Vancouver, 2021. Photo: Blush Wedding Photographers.


23 Rules of the House Party – Fortunately, many of us have fabulous friends who want to share their stunning country houses, estates, private islands, beaches, and boats with us – we are, after all, civilised beings. But we worry that they think we should be doing more. Read on for tips on how to help your host make the other guests happier – with whatever it takes.

The secret is you really only must provide the wind that fills the sails of a ship called fun.

20 Little Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow – Make the world a nicer place with these little gestures. Etiquette is not just about which fork to use and the right way to introduce people. It’s about showing respect for yourself and everyone else in your corner of the planet. You don’t have to binge-watch The Crown to learn the rules, here is a basic guide to good manners.

Michael P. H. Clifford.

Lead Image courtesy of London-based interior design studio, Banda Property

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