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  • 114
  • Spanst Tabletop with Trestles, black, $399,
  • Spanst LED Light Sticks, $19.99 each,
  • Spanst Laundry Bag, $12.99,
  • Spanst Basketball Hoop and Ball, indoor, black, $49,
  • Spanst standing support, $99,
  • Spanst Hoodie, black, $39.99,
  • Spanst Shoe/skateboard rack, $99,
  • Spanst Shoe Box transparent, $29.99,
  • Spanst collection,
  • Spanst Led Light Stick, $19.99,
  • Spanst Shoe Box transparent, $29.99,
  • Spanst Led Light Stick, $19.99,
  • Spanst Skateboard, $99,
June 6, 2018

Want ultra-cool pieces to update your interior? Ikea has got your back with a new collection of edgy, appealing pieces, dubbed Spanst, for storing, displaying and organizing our homes with a streetwear model aesthetic.

By consistently upping its design but not its prices, the Swedish giant is making its ephemeral furnishings more pervasive than ever by teaming with fashion designers and streetwear artists that address the needs of almost everyone. Including the young, impecunious or those of us without the time to scour auction houses or art galleries for one-off gems.

By collaborating with Los Angeles-based fashion designer Chris Stamp, and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec for the Spanst collection of limited edition pieces, Ikea creates simple yet necessary luxury staples. “It’s hard not to want ten,” says Stamp of the acrylic shoe boxes who explains they “seemed like a no-brainer idea that should have been done, but they hadn’t been done like these. Now they’re available for everyone.”

They look like expensive art installations you’ve picked up at a happening art gallery. All very attractive – and, a quick way of making your interiors feel like a modern mecca.

We can’t wait to stock up on everything  from the Spanst acrylic shoeboxes, $29.95 to LED light sticks, from $19.99, trestle tabletops, $399 and slimline wardrobes, $249. They are totally in tune with the current craving to express ourselves, and seek out affordable yet cool pieces  that can be tailored to suit everyone’s looks, rooms and budgets.

Ikea is tipping its hat to the collaboration movement with streetwear brands and artists that is becoming the norm for generation Xers and millennials. The collaboration covers demand for newness in a less risky way. It gives brands a cool edge as well as increased willingness to buy the brand. Collaboration is increasingly in demand and turns out to be a very effective purchasing incentive with something for all comers. It helps older folk capture their youth; and millenials afford great design.

It’s all super Instagram-friendly, of course, too. 8020 6641SaveSave

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