There's a new minimalist colour palette in town, and it doesn't involve grey.

October 9, 2018

These are the colours you’ll be obsessed with next year, based on your personality according to US paint giant, Sherwin Williams – and we can’t help feeling excited. The paint company’s intention was to ask themselves: “’If this palette were a person, what kind of person might they be?'” said Sue Wadden, the company’s director of colour marketing, adding that with this forecast, they hope to be “personal and aspiring, yet attainable – how all design should be.”

There’s something about all these palettes that makes any room look smart, no matter how small or modest the space.

As a bonus, each colour within the palette mixes well with nearly every shade you put with it. Plus, they’re easy to live with, timeless and allows statement pieces of furniture and accessories to shine. We’re also taking a look at Dulux’s 2019 colour forecast for what’s ahead in the coming year.

‘New Neutral’ from Dulux’s 2019 ‘Repair’ Collection

1. For the pastel-loving person:

Sherwin Williams has released a palette that features muted pastels with deep blues.  The inspiration behind these colours are spiritualism and healing energy.

2. For the free-spirit who wants to travel the world:

“Sun-washed and warm, this palette features in the  baked clay canyons, worn leather and woven wool blankets,” writes Sherwin-Williams in a blog post. Sherwin Williams ‘Wanderer’ palette has subtle earthy colours with a pop of deep blue.

3. For the traditional person who rather chill with a book than Netflix:

“With copper and gold anchored by merlot and deep, dark grey, tailored tones make everything impeccable, tasteful, and elegant.

Dulux ‘Cinnamon Sand’ from their 2019 collection, ‘Repair’

4. For the person who thinks there should always be a pop of COLOUR:

So. Many. Colours. With bold, vivid pops, Sherwin Williams ‘Enthusiast’ palette is made for someone who’s passionate and energetic.

5. For the in-between person, who wants neutrals but isn’t afraid of some colour:

The Naturalist palette ranges by Sherwin Williams includes everything from mushroom to leafy green to a bright floral pink. “With roots in the forest, this palette’s colourful tendrils grew in hothouses and conservatives until they became these lush, sophisticated tones.” This palette is like the all-natural makeup look with a hot pink lip.

6. For the person who likes to mix the old in with the new:

Sherwin-Williams says the Raconteur palette takes everything from the ancient ages and translates it into a rich and modern palette.

‘Modest Mauve’ from Dulux’s 2019 ‘Wholeself’ collection

Meanwhile, closer to home, Dulux has released its 2019 forecast, with four fabulous palettes: Legacy, Identity, Repair, and Wholeself, which have been devised through a prism of wellness, rejuvenation and environmental consciousness that celebrate individuality and embrace the natural world.

Repair helps us bring nature indoors and embrace a wabi-sabi sensibility with natural greens and authentic neutrals. There are so many earthy colours to choose like Cobbler, China White, Sea Creature, New Neutral, Chai Half, and many more great hues.

‘Wholeself’ is about creating a calm, nurturing zone where you can unplug and reconnect with yourself. Hues include soft soothing tones of Silver Thaw, Madame Mauve, Gold Dust, Ecru, Blind Date and more.

Identity speaks to the real you, the true creative in all of us, with empowering tones of Pelican Bill Hafl, Painted Clay, Sunbird Orange, Mondrian Blue, Apricot Fool, Blue Bayou, Old Money. Check out the full Dulux 2019 Colour Forecast here.

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