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  • Delphinium and stock by McQueens Flowers,
  • Rustic romance in Sardina by Philippa Croddick,
  • Florals by Philippa Croddick,
  • Dahlias from the cutting garden. “I love the imperfections and jaunty angles of these flowers. And although some of the stems are short, a mixed height of vases ensures none are wasted,” says florist Philippa Craddock.
  • Florals by Philippa Croddick,
  • McQueens Flowers,
  • Suspended flowers by Philippa Croddick,
May 8, 2018

These days when it comes to wedding floral arrangements, the more creative and inventive you can be, the better. But while there’s plenty of scope to let your imagination run wild, there are some general themes worth considering to ensure your wedding, party or event is picture perfect.

Image-sharing site Pinterest has shared details of upcoming wedding trends in its annual wedding report and revealed the overall direction is toward simple and sweet. The average Australian couple spends $1534 on wedding flowers, according to a survey by Easy Weddings – so getting it right on the big day is all important.

We take a look at some of the freshest ideas in wedding floral arrangements, from local to international events, which are set to make a truly stylish statement for the coming year.

Potted plants

In the past few years, indoor plants have been huge as an interior trend so it’s not really surprising weddings have also followed suit. According to Pinterest, searches for potted plants are up by 782 percent, which means this particular style direction is huge. If you are thinking about incorporating potted plants as part of your floral arrangement consider using these to line your aisle or as a quirky reception focal point.

Suspended flowers

Wedding floral bouquets no longer need to be arranged neatly in vases. In fact, if you want to take your floral arrangement to stellar heights consider an arrangement suspended from the ceiling.

While the trend is relatively new, it is beginning to gain ground and so far it’s had an increase of 346 percent in searches and pins on Pinterest.

Floral cocktails

Floral cocktails are a sweet way to add a creative floral touch to any wedding event. Edible flowers added as a garnish look absolutely stunning as do ice cubes which have had individual flowers frozen within. The trend for picture perfect cocktails is on the rise and has experienced a 247 percent increase.

Single stem proteas

Gone are the days of complicated and complex bridal bouquets. Now with a return to simplicity, single stem arrangements – especially those using proteas – are not only elegant but make a strong statement. Pinterest has revealed searches for the chic bridal bouquet alternative are up by 121 percent.

Minimal arrangements

In 2018, brides are moving towards making a more classic statement – with a return to a simple hand-held bouquet. Single stem bouquets can be as uncomplicated as two or three long-stemmed roses or as minimal as a single long-stemmed lily. This trend – one that’s gaining ground – is up by 113 per cent.

London fashion favourite Philippa Craddock, who Harry and Meghan have chosen as the florist for their wedding, renowned for her work with brands such as Alexander McQueen, Dior, Jo Malone, Hermes, and Selfridges, has been using classic old-school simplicity and purity this year, with avalanches of roses, hydrangeas and foliage.

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