October 28, 2017

Here’s how to avoid the 7 biggest bad décor habits and make your home your castle. Very little effort required, big results guaranteed! Decorating is about self-respect. Your surroundings reflect what you think about yourself, so surround yourself with the best you can afford. Even if you live in a shoebox, honor your presence in it. Make sure everything you put on show speaks to you and send positive message to others: ‘I care about myself. I have taste and I’m not afraid to show it.’ 

You aren’t considering “home stuff” in your budget

Don’t spend so much money buying or renting your home that you have no money left over, and here t live with the furniture and dishes you had in your student days. Factor in the cost of decorating or getting a handyman in to bring it up to standard, and keep enough aside for the quality basics that make a home and affirm your sense of self-worth: a sofa, storage, chairs, beds, china, glassware, cutlery and down-filled cushions. Don’t wait until you’ve got the mortgage beaten to have the things that make life worthwhile.  

You’re not getting creative and thinking outside the box

Don’t confine yourself to what you see in showrooms. Use your imagination Before you buy anything, ask yourself whether or not you can customize something better or get creative and DIY exactly what you’re looking for. It’s about taking a moment to consider alternatives- not just jumping on the first solution, quick-fix or same update that always comes to mind. Be creative, and tackle job-by-job. 

You’re trying to be like someone else

Be individual, and get involved in the design of the house you live in. Event though we have no one to please but ourselves, many of us worry about what others will think. One of the biggest compliments you can get about your home is for the visitor to say, “This looks like you”. The benefits? Not only will it be unique, but also it’ll be ultra-peaceful and restorative.  

You’re holding on to furniture and décor that no longer serves you

You’re always going to be living in the past if you’re still using your parents furniture or stuff from your previous marriage (especially the bed). Replacing your old furniture is cheaper than therapy- and more fun. And this time- you’ll choose much better.  

You’re not shaking up your style enough

Decorating is like dressing: you can carry anything off if you have confidence. Be ambitious. We’re not suggesting you paint the skirting boards red. But don’t be timid. Aim to push yourself- to find new looks, colours, functions, storage solutions, styles and more, that make your life better.  

No Show ponies

Don’t live in a house that screams, ‘heaps of money, no taste,’ Comfortable chairs, shelves of books and well-loved objects are more interesting than a house full of plasma TVs and gadgets.  

Work on that Lived-in Look

A house that has been decorated overnight says, ‘We’ve arrived!” The best never look spanking new, but rather comfortable, at ease, gently broken in. Furniture should look like nothing, but feel like something.  

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