You don’t have to spend a fortune to do a quick home makeover and change the feel of your house with the weather. Try these quick fixes to spruce up your home this winter.

October 23, 2017

Add chunky Wool Throws To Seating

A cup of tea, a squashy armchair and a throw: what more do you need? Throws are the scarves of interiors, adding warmth, comfort and sensuality. And for a good few months of the year, you’ll want some chunky knit throws within easy reach.

Make Curtains from Quilts

A quilt or blanket can make a great DIY window covering. It’s a French thing: just fold over on top iron (you can also hem but that’s not essential), then sew on rings. Go with all cotton, linen or wool in the same shade as the wall. They’ll add to the physical warmth of rooms too, as well insulate against cold and block draughts.

Layer Your Lighting (and Always Use Dimmers)

Instead of spotlights on the ceiling- something rarely seen in chic European interiors- use a combination of lighting appropriate for different needs: table lamps, standing lamps, and sconces; new and old, Noguchi and Louis XIV. And adjust your lighting with dimmers. Use a lot of candles, too and light them every evening, sometimes even at breakfast during winter.

Flannel Sheeting

Swap your bed’s cotton for cozier, flannel ones.

Cosy Things Up

If you’re still using a lightweight bedspread, we suggest you change it for a duvet-filled with the fluffiest down, instead.


Electric Blankets

Every bed needs an electric blanket during the colder months to promote warmth and comfort.

Use Foliage

Grab big bunches of leaves for your tabletops. It’s the cheapest and chicest decorating accessory, and will help your interior look as natural as possible during the colder months. 

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

When the blades rotate clockwise, they push down the warm air that gathers near the ceiling, to ‘reheat’ the lower areas.

A Quick Rug Update Add

a rug to warm timber and tile floors up.

Cut Down on Cold Drafts

Find the leaks (and where warm air seems to be escaping and cold air is coming in), by holding a candle to window and door frames. If the flame flickers or goes out, you have a leak. Install a door sweep (snake), or use inexpensive rope caulking to plug air leaks, and/or purchase a DIY window insulation.

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