Beautiful basics are the mainstays of any stylish home.

October 30, 2017

Impervious to fashion, seasonality, or trends, these are things that work hard, look good and function well day after day that every responsible 25-something should have.

Kitchen Kit

Straight in at #1 is a great kitchen kit, because no matter how chic your home, this is the stuff you use daily. So choose aesthetically appealing designs that do their job well, with looks that last.

Class White Crockery

All food looks better on pristine porcelain- fact. 

A Solid Mattress

The life span of a mattress is about 10-12 years, so whatever you’ve been lugging from apartment to apartment in your student years is ready to be tossed. Plus, something special happens as you grow older. It becomes harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep- even more reason to invest in the mattress of your dreams. Consider one that is made of natural elements and breathes to keep your body temp regulated throughout the night.  

An Investment Chair

If you’re reading this, you’re probably somewhat of a design junkie and seeking special (read: pricey) home items that will hold value over the years. If you’re decorating on a limited budget, your first big purchase should be an accent chair that you love. It is small enough to bring with you wherever you move, can be relocated to different parts of the home without breaking the flow.

MCM House

Timeless Cutlery

Items you use everyday should be the best you can afford. Do not skimp here.  

Restoration Hardware

A Power Cleaner

Hopefully you already have some sort of suction cleaner around the house, but in your mature age, it’s time to really invest in a high-powered vacuum that is gentle on your surfaces. In a way, this is a treat for yourself because it cuts down on cleaning time and extends the life of your rugs and floors.  

The Perfect Wooden Spoon

So simple but when you have the right one, it can be a thing of real beauty.

The Right Cleaning Equipment

You’re a responsible adult so you should be able to be responsible for your space, too. No more borrowing a hammer from the neighbors or mopping your floor with damp paper towel and your foot. The right tool for the right job is the grown-up way to do things, and it’s much easier, too.  

One Beautiful Furniture Item

By now we hope you’ve found a piece of furniture you love and know you’re going to keep around long term. It doesn’t have to be expensive; maybe it was even free. It’s not about the piece, as much as the idea of finding and committing to your true taste. Beautiful old furniture, signals gravitas and confidence in your home. It also speaks of pedigree, history and elegance.  

A Basic Wooden Stool

The ultimate multifunctional piece of furniture, a stool can serve as a seat, side table for bed or sofa, or a stepstool. Antique or contemporary, it will soon become a family favourite. Antique Chinese elm stools, $170, Orient House, or Svartan collection, Ikea, $39, 

Blissful bed linen

Lovely sheeting in natural yarns, that you can curl up in and will always make you feel better. And best of all, it’s more affordable than ever, thanks to brands like H&M Home and Zara home. If your budget can stretch a bit further, head to L&M Home for the widest choice of washed-linen bedding.  

A Weighty Casserole Dish And Saucepans

With thick bottoms and handles that don’t get hot.  

A Decent Kettle

Unless you opt to install one of those hot-water taps, your kettle is bound to reside permanently and in full view on your bench top, so it makes sense to invest in something smart.  

Great Glasses

All your glasses should be good enough to use every day and when guests visit. Anything you drink from must be generous, well-balanced and smooth. When you find a style you like, buy in generous quantities.  

A Signature Scent

Scent has the power to transform any space into a paradise. Pick your fantasy environment-woodsy, floral, airy- and stock up on a candle, incense or essential oil that takes you there.  

Window Coverings

Windows are often the immediate focal point when you enter a space, so be sure they are properly dressed to complement the room’s scale and style. If you have tall ceilings but short windows, you can still hang something long to give the illusion of a taller window frame, while shorter ceilings and window frames can accommodate stylish Roman shades of minimal roller blinds.  

A Rug

Many designers agree: The first element you should buy fro a room is the rug. Not only does an area rug provide warmth and style to a room, it also indicates the layout of furniture in a space, so the correct size is essential. A rug’s hue and texture anchor that of the furnishings in the room, so it really is easiest to build a room from the rug up.  

Quality Lamps

Lights are the jewelery of the home, so invest in at least one knockout piece to give a room confidence.  

Stacks of White Towels

Some things should always be white (think: loo paper, tea towels and dinnerware). Think pure, simple, fluffy and fresh. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a few extra sets around the house for guests (or when you’re behind on laundry).  

A Mirror

That tells the truth.  

A Proper Vase

Flowers and foliage deserve a decent holder. There are plenty of fab high and low options, but always buy something you love.  

Beautiful Bowls

Whether for practical or decorative use, a great bowl is a great buy that you are guaranteed to use daily. For utility, think Mason Cash, which has been making traditional English earthware for more than 200 years.  

Good Music System


A Flea Market Treasure

Quite simply, happy homemaking isn’t about everything being brand new. For quick hit of personality and patina, choose a quirky global treasure or artwork.  

One fabulous Throw Rug

Among life’s essential, everyone should aspire to own a decent throw, to keep at the end of the bed and use as a grown up Linus blanket. They are the scarves of interiors, adding warmth, comfort and sensuality.  

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