Perfect for relaxing outdoors.

June 1, 2021

If you’re lucky enough to have a loggia, veranda or balcony attached to your house, it’s the perfect place for relaxing or entertaining outdoors.

The Italian concept of the loggia is all about leisure. In its original form, this space was used by the Romans as a walkway around a courtyard garden, and you can still see examples of this style in Pompeii. When the principles of classical architecture were revived during the Renaissance, loggias often occupied the upper floors of buildings, with one side open to the air, supported by columns or arches. Similar in nature is a veranda, a long open room with a roof that may extend around several sides of a building, or round the entire house. Whatever you choose to call a space like this, it’s a delightful thing to have, allowing you to experience all the charm of sitting outside, but with protection from the worst of the weather. Read more, ‘The 5 Worst Patio Decorating Mistakes- And How To Avoid Them.’

An open loggia with a southern European flavour is host to Clematis montana ‘Elizabeth’ in a Cotswolds garden designed by James Alexander Sinclair. The steps are flanked with clipped holly, Verbascum chaixii ‘Album’ and Geranium ‘Brookside’ and there is a seating area under the shade of the roof. Photo via

There are many different styles of loggia, verandas, and balconies, each originating in different periods of architecture and geographical locations.

It’s not uncommon for English country houses based on Palladian principles to include a stone loggia, while lighter wooden verandas are more reminiscent of Indian, American or Australian architecture.

A pool house in the garden of a provençal stone beauty in Luberon has the familiar aspects of a sitting room. A sectopnal sofa and lamps make their way outdoors for this garden room with a touch of wit, and a spectaclar view of the pool and the valley beyond. Photo via

Whatever style you have (or choose to build), they’re the perfect place for sitting outdoors, and a wonderful alternative to a totally open area of patio or decking.

As a space for outdoor dining, they’re incredibly useful, since they eliminate any worries about rain or harsh sunlight, and they also protect your garden furniture from the worst of the elements.

At the Kenyan retreat of businessman Jochen Zeitz, this stylish covered seating area with its rattan furniture and outdoor rug is a place we could linger for hours. Opting for an outdoor room with a thatched roof gives shade and protection from the elements, as well as a lovely dappled light. Photo via

Most loggias and verandas are fairly simple, informal spaces, and many of the examples pictured make stylish use of rattan or wooden furniture, deckchairs, loungers and even hammocks.

It’s perfectly possible to make them extremely glamorous, with painted walls or even fabric-covered walls and ceilings for extra sumptuousness.

And if you plan to entertain in a loggia, make sure you have some electricity and lighting installed, so that it can be used in the evenings as well. They’re a great place to set up some plant pots and make a small container garden, bringing the lushness of the garden into the space.

The veranda of this holiday home in Cap Ferret was designed by its architect Jonathan Tuckey as the main dining space of the house. ‘This was an ideal spot because it leads from the kitchen and has a wonderful view,’ he says. Below reclaimed pendant lights from Retrouvius, the 4.3-metre-long table is set before a built-in bench. ‘Because the table is so long we wanted to avoid the clutter – both visually and physically – of having 12 chairs, which would have left little space. The owners wanted to make sure they could seat large numbers of people, and a bench allows guests to squash up to add extra places.’ Photo via

Parts of this article first appeared in House & Garden UK.

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