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May 28, 2019

A glossy, glossy table lamp that instantly elevates any room. A black lacquer table that’s the Little Black Dress of interiors. A rattan bedside that is incredibly modern and adaptable. We hope Bragg & Co is on your radar – the company, founded by leading Australian interior designer Adelaide Bragg eighteen months ago, is rewarding us with ever-quick bespoke homewares and furniture in the textures of our dreams that are redefining the modern, 2019 interior. The company is satisfying the most discerning Australian designers’ demands with bespoke pieces. Read more, ‘Permission to Fawn Over This Table Lamp Brand.’

Here are the four essential textures you will always use: that pull everything together.


Think of a great room? Do you remember the textures? We’re guessing no, which means they did what they should – mixed well, were chic, and unobtrusive. We love Bragg & Co’s take on black finishes that feature on pieces such as the Anna étagère or Jennifer coffee table in high lacquer. Or we recommend the brand’s classic large double gourd lamp base in matte black. It’s the last word in masculine and elegant. Plus dark colours are warm and peaceful to live with.


Stay ahead of the pack with Bragg’s high-shine gloss lamp bases that will transform any room from living to dining areas, halls, bedrooms, and studies.

The secret is to introduce dramatic splashes of assertive gloss in shiny bursts and small touches – where neutral backgrounds let them shine.

Seek out colours – from the brand’s iconic lamps in pink, yellow, orange or red – that are warm to live with. It’s the perfect way to liven up your rooms, and the latest-look gloss lamp bases are easy to layer. Look out for its trademark glossy finishes that give a room a bit of a polish.


The popularity of tortoiseshell is on the rise. Bragg & Co can barely keep up demand for its glossy dark tortoiseshell lamp bases which Belle magazine’s editor-at-large Steve Cordony uses at his country house, Rosedale Farm, and we have also used in our own country pad.

The lustre is dark, deep and makes a strong statement.


Few textures will serve you like raffia. It makes everything else look right. Choose from simple, subtle coffee table designs to bedsides, and étagère, that make everything look relaxed and fresh. You won’t go past Anna étagère. Bragg & Co uses natural rattan in a modern way covering raffia sheets onto a frame and willing it onto contemporary bedsides, étagère and coffee tables.

No old fashioned vibes – they are fresh, edgy different shaped pieces that offer a fresh yet easy update for Australia’s most discerning decorators.

Lovely pieces that will give your house a new simplicity plus the use of raffia denotes an honesty. Ideal for Australian living. Few do a bedside better. We recommend the small étagère.  Instant-style boosters.

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