Have To Have It: POWER pieces.

February 22, 2022

Get ready for a high-profile auction of the personal furniture collection that belonged to the legendary television boss, the late David Leckie and his charity queen wife Skye, online here now.

Find pieces that belonged to the last of the rock star CEOs including his favourite leather armchair in which Leckie spent endless hours making business decisions for Chanel Seven and Chanel Nine, (with an estimate of $1000-$2000). There are more than 50 other items including Leckie’s bedside tables, gentleman’s suit press and media room armchairs.

Find one-of-a-kind furniture items in what is likely to be one of Lawson’s sales of the year.

Leckie who was confidante over time of both Kerry Packer and Kerry Stokes, died at his NSW Southern Highlands farm in July last year. Months earlier, he and Skye had sold their Woollahra base – known as the Yellow House and previously owned by radio broadcaster Doug Mulray – for $17m, just shy of a record in the wealthy Sydney suburb.

For Skye, the decision to put the items up for sale stemmed from a desire to keep their things in rotation.

“The house was sold; the pieces were designed specifically for the property. Am I sad? Yes, of course. Everything brings up so many memories for me. There are so many wonderful things that Davo and I loved and appreciated living with. However, I am pragmatic and would much rather these beautiful pieces go on to have new lives in new homes,” Skye states.

“I always have red in my houses, too – it’s a bold, powerful uplifter.” says Skye.

There’s a traditional charcoal upholstered sofa with rolled arms, feather cushions, legs and castors that is so comfortable you will never want to get up (LOT 35, $800-$1200) and “a man’s valet stand in wood with pant press, belonging to David Leckie, and used by the TV ­legend daily for his suits and trousers for more than two decades” ($200-$300).

On offer, is “an American lucite barrelled back chair from Skye Leckie’s former Woollahra dressing room, where she readied herself for numerous events including her AO, annual Gold Dinners” (LOT 28, $800-$1200).

“These pieces were made to be seen, used and enjoyed,” says Skye.

Most of the pieces are bespoke and designed for the Woollahra residence. Colour inspired the furniture collection.

“I am not frightened of colour,” says Skye, “which can make rooms look happy. A splash of yellow to brighten your day or cooling blue to calm your mood”. You can buy Henna yellow velvet cushions, (LOT 3, estimate $150 for three including a blue cushion), Skye’s 1970s-inspired channel tufted custom blue velvet bed, (LOT 22, estimate $1200), or one of two blue velvet sofas from the Leckie’s Woollahra dining room, (LOT 13 and LOT 14, estimate $2000 each).

These seats have hosted Prime Ministers, Premiers and all the big names in media and society over the years the Leckie’s lived in the house.

A highlight of the sale are two custom made five-seater red custom modular sofas by Poco Design upholstered in velvet Maize, (LOT 5 and LOT 6, estimate $4000 each).

On offer are two blue custom velvet armchairs, (LOT 30, estimate $1500 for the pair).

“We used navy downstairs for David’s study, which was very manly.” says Skye.

David Leckie, the last of the rock star CEOs, pictured in his favourite leather armchair in which Leckie spent endless hours making business decisions for Chanel 7 and Chanel 9, (with an estimate of $1000-$2000).

“I love the soft blue/greens used for my bedroom, which made me feel regal the minute I walked in. I wanted the full bird-of-paradise experience in the house”.

Some lucky girl can snap up Skye’s lucite dressing room chair, LOT 28. “The dressing room was home of my true, undiluted fashion identity. I feel like I was back on the seventh floor of David Jones,” (where Skye was PR manager during the heady 80s and 90s).

“Our needs had shifted for the Woollahra house. We wanted a more contemporary way of living that reflected our lifestyle. Our previous houses were traditional Victorian.”

Skye and David Leckie.

“This house was a new version of Skye and David who was very involved in the design. “They wanted to have fun and it reflected who they are”, says Poppy Tzaneros of Poco Designs, Sydney based interior design firm.

Other key items include a pair of bespoke mirrored coffee tables from the Leckie living room with a black poly high gloss finish and inset trays champagne trays custom made by Poco Design crafted to a high level, to be sold separately, (LOT 7 and LOT 8, estimate $3000 each).

“The furniture was a bold statement of who we are.” says Skye. “The boys had finished school, David was at home more.” I love the structured, tailored, elegant look Poco Design created, which is feelgood, cosseting and intimate’.

There’s a contemporary chaise in pepper-coloured fabric from Skye’s bedroom (LOT 26), assorted box-fresh lighting including ceramic ex-MCM House Pebble lamps (LOT 40 and LOT 41, estimate $100-$150 each), a glass column table lamps in the style of Ralph Lauren, (LOT 12, estimate $200-300) and much more.

You will also find American vintage metal barstools (LOT 4,), modernist chrome-framed dining chairs (LOT 16 + 17), a bespoke glass-top dining table with a pedestal base (LOT 15), over which a lot of major business deals were made.

Photo: Abbie Melle

They’re all beautiful things but also really well-designed pieces that feel as good as they look and just work. GET THE LECKIE LOOK HERE.


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