Your rooms won't know the difference.

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  • Vaughan Designs Farnworth Wall Light, $3000,
  • MCM House Lily Bowl, $275,
  • Vaughan Designs Marble Base Storm Lantern, $2240,
  • MCM House Piana Dining Chair in Black,
  • Vaughan Designs Jasmine Tribal Lampshade, $495,
  • MCM House Piana Dining Chair in Natural, $390,
  • Vaughan Designs Ceramic Cachepot, $765,
  • Vaughan Designs Burnham Wall Light, $2500,
  • Vaughan Designs, Jeremiah Tribal Lampshade, $495,
September 10, 2019

You don’t have to spend a fortune to do a quick cosmetic makeover. Here’s a few pieces we know you’re going to love that will change the look of your rooms dramatically. It’s a new season – so go ahead and celebrate with something fresh. Read more, ‘3 Microtrends That Are About To Blow Up.’


Take a look at Piana, new from MCM House – one of the best smart casual rattan dining chairs lookers in town.  Ideal for summer living, available in natural or black, the Bahamas-style chairs look like a Ralph Lauren ad. Need we say more?

How to Style them

Place them around your dining table – whatever shape or material – round, square or rectangular – timber, concrete, stone or glass, for a look that is instantly relaxed and elegant.

2. Vaughan Design’s Edgy Twist on Classic Lighting

Here’s the latest from Vaughan Design including the Wyvern Wall Sculpture, Vaughan Designs Marble Base Storm Lantern, Vaughan Designs Farnworth Wall Light, Jeremiah Tribal Lampshade all POA,

How to style them;

By using individual wall lights and uplighters you can bounce lots of light across walls and ceilings. This way, you get dynamic lighting with the ability to change the mood of the room, as required. By using up-lighters to wash the walls with light, and draw the eye up.  Our eyes perceive light through its reflections across all of the surfaces in the room. You can also emphasise the architecture of your house by using carefully placed wall lights and uplighters to help to direct the gaze upwards toward the ceiling

3. Get New-Season Ready with beautiful bowls

Seek out beautiful bowls in timber or ceramic with rough textures or pattern on pattern and subtle hues that are all wabi-sabi. Consider the musty-oily scene that lingers around an ancient wooden bowl such as MCM House’s new Lily Bowl, $275.

How to style them:

Don’t Be Afraid to mix different one-off bowls. Not too sure about teaming different wooden bowls together? A dramatic mix of styles, looks, and materials is key to creating a personal environment that reflects ‘you’. Don’t worry about what the neighbours think – the most successful interiors are a mix of heirlooms, saved-for pieces, and bits bought from the heart all put together by the same ‘eye’. Ideal when you want to add patterns, colour, and fabrics to a space.

How to layer

All the decorative elements you add to a room to create interest, texture, and depth. There are many reasons to go multi-dimensional.

Layered bowls whether in ceramic or wood creates a lot of texture, in a room. And, like layered clothing, they’re versatile when you can rotate what’s in front, middle and back. Bowls are an easy starting point when adding layers to a room.

Lead image: Hale Mercantile linens which you can use to layer in living and bedrooms to great effect.

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