Well-designed utensils can make any meal an occasion.

December 12, 2018

Well-designed utensils can make any meal an occasion – and there’s no better time than Christmas to update your sets, with modish servers that keep your spirits up. After all, the things that we interact with daily are the things that should get the most thought in terms of design.

Serving utensils that are a pleasure to hold, with looks that will last need to be low-maintenance classics, easy to use, and make everything look delicious. 

If your utensils are beautifully designed, they not only make serving easier but also bring a sense of occasion to any meal. They’re something you hold in your hands and have a physical experience with.

How do they feel when you pick them up? Ergonomics play a huge role. Holding a spoon can be awkward.

What are they made of? Stainless steel is easy to clean and nearly indestructible, but there are plenty of other options, including wood, ceramic, horn, resin and other metals.

Do you plan to keep them a long time? Always buy quality, whatever price point. Check our options, any of which we’d love to own.

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