A great seat can change the entire aesthetic of a room.

May 28, 2019

Choosing a new armchair isn’t just about finding a place to sit — it can also change the entire aesthetic of a room.

A big, upholstered armchair, for instance, can ground a seating area and lend a sense of gravitas; a chair with legs conveys a sense of airiness, flexibility and mobility. Selecting the appropriate design also requires understanding how much you will actually sit in the chair.

If it’s where you plan to flop down for hours every day,

comfort should be your primary concern.

And if you’re like most men, you will spend more time in this chair than you will in your car, so you should demand the same clean lines, comfort, strength and detail. It offers the opportunity to not only serve a function but also convey personality. That’s where the room really starts to take a turn. Read more, ‘The 10 Commandments of Furniture Placement.’

And if you won’t be using it that often? Then all it needs to do, he noted, is look like a knockout piece in the corner of the room.

Choose your fabrics carefully.

Children, pets and a friend pool favouring red-wine enthusiasts might suggest sturdy washable fabrics and while solid fabrics are handsome, a subtle pattern will hide a host of sins.

How far should the back recline?

A comfortable laid-back armchair is nice for watching television, but if you plan to work on a laptop while you’re sitting there, you want to be more upright.

Is versatility important?

If so, consider an armchair with a deep seat that can be filled with throw pillows to accommodate various purposes and people.

Should you try to match the scale of the chair to the height of the person who will be sitting there most of the time?

Not necessarily. Ergonomically, there are a lot of small-scale chairs out there that work for taller people, and vice versa. You really need to do a sit test.

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