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March 19, 2019

Good lamps are impossible to fake. So when leading interior designer Adelaide Bragg couldn’t find great ceramic bases in classic shapes and fabulous colours in Australia– she simply produced her own brand, Bragg & Co. These quality, accessible designs come in three curvy styles and in an array of hues, from caramel to coral, pink, white, black, navy, green and even tortoiseshell.

The resulting range has had astounding success, with top designers, magazine editors, stylists and hotels all embracing the collection.

Adelaide uses all her products in her high-end decorating work when suitable for the project and the client and that remains the test for all products developed: “Would I use it in a client’s home?”.

You can pick the bases, (ginger jar, double gourd or classic onion) crafted from ceramic, in different finishes.

There’s also turquoise, marshmallow pink, periwinkle, light blue crackle, nougat, red, yellow, green – something for all tastes. A pair of these in a bedroom will instantly give a room confidence. A couple on a console will add elegance and gravitas to any space. Read more ‘Lighting a Room, Simplified.’

Lamps are essential to a room, the first thing people notice, and the easiest update.

They are that one piece, decorators swear by – adding another dimension, changing everything, and making a difference to the furniture, the walls and the people in the room. The average-size living room will need at least four lamps, each casting a subtle pool of light. Many people try to get away with fewer lamps and stronger bulbs, but when it comes to bulbs, less is more. Read more ‘The Essential Guide to Lighting.’

In the living room – the aim is to create a contrast between the middle of the room, its edges, and the darker spaces between. Without quieter moments, everything is flat and boring. It’s the subtle interplay between light and dark, that creates appeal.

Each lamp base is produced in limited numbers. “We feel that an element of exclusivity is appealing in everyone’s home and have developed the range accordingly,” says Adelaide. “Some products have a seasonal appeal and others simply will be made once, and when finished, will not be available again.”

Bragg & Co has quickly made classic contemporary lamps its own – used by everyone from powerhouse talents like Cameron Kimber to Charlotte Coote, Brownlow Interior Design, Anna Spiro, Lynda Kerry, Paul Bangay, Steve Cordony, Pigott’s Store, Halcyon House.

They have also recently featured on the covers of leading lifestyle magazines like Australian House & Garden and Belle magazine as well as popular titles such as the Financial Review. We’re huge fans, too!

LEAD IMAGE PHOTO of American designer Lynda Kerry’s Sydney residence showing Tortoiseshell onion lamp; PHOTO BY TESSA CHIRNSIDE.


These are lamps you will have for life.


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