Move over fiddle-leaf figs. The new it PLANT is that establishment favourite, the cyclamen. 

October 28, 2017

The charismatic yet aloof beauty, is suddenly the plant-of-the-moment popping up in both modern and traditional interiors all over industry heavyweights like Architectural Digest to Elle Décor.  

Part of the appeal of cyclamen is its intriguing flowers and leaves with velvety white upright petals plus foliage that is a focal point, with its serene clump of ivy-shaped, round dark leaves.  

They look great teamed with planters in wicker, ceramic, marble, brass, copper. Smooth to rough. Old to new. A great way to add greenery, soften architecture, and instantly make a space look more stylish.  

Keep them somewhere cool and bright and place them on the mantel so that they can be admired, before putting them away again- like children being presented to their parents for inspection by nanny.

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