Just-in: new Oblica designer radiators that offer heat and act as art.

August 7, 2019

The radiator has always offered heat. Now it is acting as art with a debut range of designer radiators from Oblica that has been created in partnership with some of Europe’s most respected manufacturers such as Tubes, Zehnder, Runtal and Ridea. The range includes the Agora, Square, Soho, Charleston and Schema designer radiant panels.

The Oblica team has selected a wide selection of designer radiant panels to suit a range of styles, tastes and environments.

Our favourites are the artistic, wall-mounted radiators such as Milano, TBT, Step-by-Step, Scarletta, Arteplano and Subway.

These high-end companies also have an eye toward being eco-friendly: Many of these creations are made from recycled materials and require lower temperatures or less water than conventional radiators.

It is great to see the heating industry has begun offering a variety of stylish, compact options that hug the wall instead of the heavy steel or cast iron bodies that jutted out into a room – and were the scourge of designers for decades. Here is a sampling of these reimagined radiators. *Lead image is of the TBT Hydronic Radiator,  $8813.

Thankfully, they look nothing like the usual very industrial looking radiators of the past few decades. Those things are over.

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