Cold weather, conquered.

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  • Exquisite Antique Fireplaces from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries from JAMB London,
  • The Pelham Marble Fireplace from JAMB London, £3,400, H 123.7cm x W 164.5cm xD 101.6cm,
  • The Chesham Stone Fireplace from JAMB London, £6,800, H 140cm x W 181cm x D 25.5cm,
  • The Altamont Stone Fireplace from JAMB London, £3,800, H 114.2cm x W 127cm x D 10cm,
  • 16th Century Fireplace from Reformations USA, 21½”D X 76½”W X 73½”H, POA,
  • 16th Century Fireplace from Reformations USA, 21½”D X 76½”W X 73½”H, POA,
  • Georgian Limestone Fireplace from Richard Ellis Design, Custom Made to you specifications, POA,
  • Tennessee Slow Combustion Wood Heater in White from Oblica, POA,
  • Triple Sided Wood Fireplace, Radiante 700 3V from Chiminees Philippe,
  • Fireboxes from Icon Fires, Available in 3 Facia options,
  • XL900 Ethanol Burner from Eco Smart Fire pictured in a private residence in Turkey,
  • Louis 15, Arabescato Marble Fireplace from Richard Ellis Design, custom made to your specifications, POA, 
August 9, 2018

It’s burn season – that time of year when we want to cosy up. That means more people are seeking something special to stare at – a focal point for their rooms – in addition to crackling flames.

“People install fireplaces for the heat and light, but they choose their mantel to make an artistic statement, too,” says Richard Ellis, who has been in business for more 35 years producing the biggest and best range of fireplaces in the country.  It’s true: a fireplace can be the central point of a room – much more civilized for family and guests to gather around than the television

And we love the idea of warming smaller chunks of space where we actually spend time rather wasting money heating entire sections of the house. Here’s the fireplaces, mantels and gas heaters that will help you conquer the colder months ahead including plenty of go-to options used by leading Australian designers and architects.


In business for more than 35 years, Ellis produces the biggest and best range in the country with more than 200 fireplace surrounds including classic styles inspired by 16th-century designs. The most popular options are the Bolection fireplace with cushion moulding in Turkish limestone, as well as Louis XV designs and 18th century English Georgian provincial styles in limestone including the ornate hand carved beauty featured on the Belle November 2016 cover of Heidi Onisforou’s house. It also offers a made-to-measure service in your home and will custom-make to order. (03) 9558 6619,


The British antique stalwart specialises in top-notch reproduction marble and stone fireplaces that can completely change the atmosphere of a room. The kind of designs used in the world’s best houses. Thomas Hamel is a fan, and we are too.


The big international names in design shop for their fireplaces here. The American company’s stone range of antique-style reconstituted sandstone and marble fireplaces offers a quick ship service to best sellers.


The company has a Pure Vision pebble fire that you can bang into the wall, even if you live on the top floor of a city high-rise. It has a gas burner that is flush-mounted in a 20mm marble base covered with pebbles. The flue can run horizontally or vertically with a ppowerful It features electronic ignition, glass side panels and four firebox colours. There’s alsoa big range of electric fireplaces. (02) 8905 0189,


Check out their top-range fire called Aspiration, which will fire bright flames instantly without the mess of a real fire. It has a four-star energy rating, a remote control, seven heat settings, three fan speeds, even heat distribution, low running costs and a digital dual timer that allows you to program the fire to come on for two set periods a day. Choose between a slimline metal fascia in black or stainless steel and a full radium-tinted glass in black or silver. 1300 555 545,


Winner of the Australian Design Awards DesignMark, the EcoSmart Fire is a flueless open fire that does not need a utility connection for fuel supply, making it ideal for apartments. Fuelled by methylated spirits, it burns clean and requires no ventilation. There are freestanding models or a renovators’ range of stainless-steel models that can be installed into existing fireplaces. It’s all pretty simple: the beautiful-looking portable fire gets delivered to your house, you position the fireplace insert, install the burner, then ignite. Very slick, good for small spaces – and you can take it with you when you move. The Fire Company, (02) 9997 3050,


Gas fireplaces so fantastic that real-estate agents feature them as selling points in-house ads. Gas and wood-burning models available. You can build one into your existing fireplace, too. Big range of mantels, fascias and trims in iron, wood, marble and limestone. Our choice.  (02) 9958 1777,


Simply put, a fire-in-a-box that can fit in a traditional fireplace, function as a freestanding unit, or be used in a variety of other configurations – choose from the Nero frame, slimline firebox or firebox all of which come in different colours. Because the units require no flue and burn denatured ethanol, they offer a clean, odorless flame and don’t need a utility connection.


All kinds of appealing modern fireplace designs, gas fireplace solutions inserts, (inbuilt, freestanding or double sided) and gas heaters that you’ll see in architectural houses around the country.

DS1400 Gas Fireplace from Escea, the new model comes in both single and double sided variations, with the fuel options of Crystalight, Coals, Rocks, Logs and Woodland Selection,


Expensive, high-end, slow combustion wood-burners surrounded by about 230 kg of cast iron. The ones with glass sliding doors allow you to switch from a safe slow combustion fire to a true open fire such as the triple Sided Wood Fireplace Radiante 700 3V. (02) (02) 95642694,


In this huge emporium, you will find marble and timber fireplace surrounds, mostly recycled. Good for terrace houses.


A small yet beautiful selection of hand-carved mantels in Italian and French-styles. This place sells the cult US Hickory brand of furniture used in the White House, so you know you’re in good hands. (02) 9667 4415,


The stock is ever-changing, but there are regular shipments from France and Belgium with a small selection of hand-carved marble fireplaces and mantlepieces, some with original paintwork regularly raided by top designers from Australia to New York.

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