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November 12, 2019

Divine food is paramount to a merry Christmas. This year, Peter Rowland is ensuring merry celebrations with its abundant new Christmas Catering menu designed to avoid—or at least minimise— stress and drama around the biggest holiday of the year.

There’s plenty of Christmas menus around to appease but few can rival the offering at Rowland, whose new Delivered Catering menu, from $20 a head, stays true to its original roots. And never more so around Christmas and summertime with so many parties on the horizon. Read more, ‘A Guide To All Things Christmas.’

The Peter Rowland ethos is simple: everyone is different and no two events are ever the same. People want to see something they’ve never seen before. We are about creativity and theatre. Fantasy is everything.

Celebrating with Peter Rowland’s new luxurious Christmas menu, and a selection of exquisite festive favourites shown with our favourite Wedgwood Gio plates, Photograph by Blake Heywood.

For the past five decades, many of Australia’s most prominent business titans– among them Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer and Alan Bond, have turned to Rowland – whose creations have also been regular features at international events like the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australian Formula One Grand Prix, Grey Goose and Harpers Bazar.  

This year, Rowland has established its first official post outside Melbourne with commercial kitchens in Sydney, where Rowland has already started working with new clients like MCMPR (PR to Net-a-Porter, Loewe, Zimmermann, Mr Porter, Tory Burch). The business remains dedicated to crafting special celebrations, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or gathering of friends.

Peter Rowland’s new festive feasting menu, photographed at Melissa’s country house, available to order online is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. Photograph by Blake Heywood

It all began much more humbly with Peter as a 24-year-old beachside purveyor of sandwiches and drinks on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, growing to a multi-faceted food and entertaining business. 

The new festive feasting menu available to order online is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit – with three-courses, that includes seasonal roasted vegetables, that all-important turkey, and of course, the quintessential pudding perfect for a celebration. And most importantly, it can be tailored to your individual needs. You choose what suits you. You can create your own bespoke lunch, dinner or cocktail party any day over the season.

Peter Rowland’s Christmas menu will help you simplify this season when you have no time to think or agonise over preparing the food yourself. Photographed at Melissa’s country house by Blake Heywood.

Change Your Routine:

The Christmas menu will help you simplify, cut stress levels, when you have no time to think (or agonise) over Christmas. Because even if you are an old hand at producing the holiday feast, it can still catch you off guard: and things can conspire to get in the way of seasonal serenity. Read more, ‘Entertaining For A Crowd.’

Consider it your building block for a simple, stylish festive Christmas that will help make the day your own. Because the holidays should be fun and there is nothing more joyful than a table stuffed with fancy food.

‘Tis the season to outsource: because the holidays should be fun and there is nothing more joyful than a table stuffed with fancy food. Photographed at Melissa’s country house by Blake Heywood. 

Overseen by head chef, Matthew Haigh, the new menu is confidently edited, all meals come pre-cooked  ready to serve, you just remove from the packaging and pop on your own platters.  A true feast, it’s so big, it might not even fit on your table, but instead be propped up on serving tables next to you. Standout dishes include an ample selection of seafoods, three roast meats, and all the trimmings, plus a bulging pudding selection –

There’s no bigger Christmas menu we know of in town. 

Choose food that brings joy:

You can choose to welcome your guests with pre-lunch freshly shucked oysters with mignonette sauce, freshly peeled tiger prawns and smoked salmon with dill sauce. Perfect with champagne. Next up it’s traditional turkey with all the trimmings: gravy, cranberry sauce, bacon onion, and sage stuffing or filet of beef, and an entire glazed ham with citrus relish.

Phew. You will be able to whip up Turkey sandwiches for supper on Christmas day or what about monstrous festive burgers, with generous slices of turkey, ham and some steamed broccolini.

There’s even some Yuletide pavlova for fun.

The menu is bursting with exclusive side orders with a festive feel including charred broccolini, black barley, tahini, rocket and barberries with chili, lemon and, white wine vinegar dressing. Or keep it simple with baby cos, radish and pea, buttermilk emulsion and pan crujiente.

Choose from the perfect mélange of melt-in-the-mouth vegetables from the crispiest, most decadent duck fat roasted Nicola potatoes with sage to fluffy cauliflower gratin, gruyere, chervil and brioche crumbs, roasted heirloom carrots, parsnips, and hazelnut dukkah, with cumin-roasted pumpkin, date syrup, and sesame seeds.

The celebrations will get even merrier this year with an assortment of show-stopping puddings by Peter Rowland. Photo: Blake Heywood.

Here’s your pudding list:

The celebrations will get even merrier with an assortment of show-stopping puddings. You can order decadent festive treats including a Black Forest trifle made from chocolate sponge, cherry jelly, chocolate ganache, and marscapone with cherries and Dutch chocolate shavings that comes in its own beautiful glass bowl, which you keep.

There’s a ravishing Christmas pavlova topped with peaches, raspberries, toasted shaved coconut, whipped cream and passionfruit and lime syrup. Plus, traditional Christmas pudding with Brandy anglaise and mince tarts – which you can serve with a glass of tawny port or couple of shots of limoncello – it’s non-negotiable.

Have a plan:

Then all you have to do is set the table, throw on a great playlist, and you’ve got all you need for a chilled, but very satisfying Christmas. ‘Tis the season.

You can’t control how the day goes, but you can control the look, feel and food, which is a great start.

Simplicity at it’s best-smoked salmon and lemon. Wedgwood Vera Wang Jardin plates. Photo by Blake Heywood.

Delivered catering:

The order go to and order on-line. Rowland will deliver to your home or office with a minimum of 48 hours notice every day up until December 24. *All images by Blake Heywood

To book:

Melbourne (03) 9825 0000; Sydney (02) 8999 1566;

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