Five easy-(ish) steps you can make today to create a home that supports well-being instantly.

June 20, 2018

Are you happy at home? As anyone who has lived in cramped, dark or tiny quarters knows, your living space can have a big effect on your mood.We have spent a lot of time studying what makes us happy at home (and what doesn’t). Of course, you want your home to look good but the way it makes you feel is just as important. But a happy house just doesn’t create itself. Think of things that put you in a good mood – your favourite song, fresh linen or sand between your toes. Your surroundings should make you feel equally good. That doesn’t mean spending a lot. Good taste and design doesn’t cost anything extra; it’s as easy – and as cheap – to get things right as it is to get them wrong. Everyone has the power to make small, easy changes to their surroundings that can help boost their happiness and confidence, enhancing their productivity and relaxation. Here are five easy(ish) steps you can take today to create a home that supports well-being instantly. Because, you deserve it, my friends!


Don’t let any corner of your house become a repository for detritus. Doors should swing freely, hallways should be cleared and zones should be created that support your daily routines and activities. Don’t let the area behind your front door become a landing pad for shoes, shopping bags and other gear. You want your front door to open fully. You may not realise the effect it is having on you until areas are clear.

The same attention should be paid to furniture you keep running into, like that odd-shaped coffee table or the corner of your bed. All these tiny, little things on their own are not a big issue, but together, they can affect your mood. All of a sudden you’re annoyed, and you don’t even know why. It might be you need a round coffee table instead of a square one or a different landing pad for your coats and boots.


Establish passageways in your home with atleast 60cm (or more) between furnishings so you can move freely, and with ease.  Spaces with 60cm passageways are the ones that will lift your mood and where you will feel at ease. Even in small spaces, if you can leave 60cm passageways, you will tend not too feel cluttered, or pinched.


Don’t just sweep away the cobwebs — remove items associated with bad memories and replace them with things that evoke hope, beauty or cheer.

Most of us are sentimental, and like to hold on to things, but wrap your head around the task of throwing out your past. Once you get rid of things (wedding presents, heirlooms and gifts that compromise your taste) you will feel liberated. Your spirits will lift in sort of a magical way. It’s an emotional letting go.

The House of Walda Pairon


This one is really easy. Think about what you want your rooms to bring to you. Happiness for the kitchen; productivity for your home office, or a romantic retreat for your weekender.  Get clear about what you want from each area.


Anyone who spends a day in nature knows it is good for the soul – so bring that feeling home.  Living plants – from palms to ferns and succulents – in your home are a positive energy.






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