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March 6, 2019

We all love the onset of a new season, but when you’re sifting through the new collections, the sheer volume of products can be overwhelming. Autumn is here —is your interior ready? If not, Zara and H & M have lots of great ideas for you.

We trawled through the new campaigns on each of these websites to hand-select 40 of the best home décor pieces from candle holders to blankets, tablecloths and cushions.

Shopping for the home on the Australian high street has become a wonderfully democratic experience. It’s a world of furniture and homeware bargains that are hard to tell from high-end interiors.

It’s a world of possibilities. There are almost too many choices. But our homes are all the better for it.

What’s really exciting is that these are not necessarily low-quality copies (although beware the high street is ripe for plagiarism and copyright theft) but interesting pieces in their own right.

They are from collections that have been curated rather than copied, often sourced in far-flung corners of the world.

The high street is quick to react to trends and collections appear in shops just ahead of a realization that they’re exactly what your home needs at that moment in time.

In many cases, these pieces are original, great examples of design, as well as being accessible and affordable. The fusion of fashion, homeware, and good living is a heady one. Beware…you’ll want everything! 2019 is one of the best seasons yet.

Take Zara Home, who has gone for subtle pieces this season with a campaign called ‘Timeless’ and ‘Calm Home’, with a “less is more” theme. Who doesn’t want to buy monochrome minimal pieces reminiscent of a John Pawson interior, or textural linen cushions and melange-effect wool blankets that could easily pass muster as Armani designs? Strong on: 1. Blankets, 2. Towels, 3. Duvet Covers,  4. Quilts, 5. Cushions, 6. Tablecloths, 7. Bathmats, 8. 9. Bathroom Accessories, 10. Glassware, 11. Napkins, 12. Bowls, 13. Dinnerware, 14. Table Accessories, 15. Candlesticks, 16. Decor Accessories like marble ashtrays that cost almost nothing, 17.Vases. 18. Ottomans. 19. Bathrobes. 20. Table runners.

Our ultimate accessories from H&M Home 2019 collection are its rustic elements in earthy tones to create a calm and authentic vibe in the house. Go for: 1. Metal candleholders. 2. Personal objects, 3. Wooden cutting boards. 4. Striped bath towels, $17.99. 5. Rustic ceramics,  6. Large wire baskets, $49.99. 7. Black and white bedding, 8. Blankets and pillows in a burnt cinnamon. 9. Round metal black round box with gold lips of the Kelly Wearstler ilk, $17.99.

10. Wood trays, 11. Metal vases, $29.95, that are plain, pretty and well-designed. 11. Poncho-inspired stripes and rusty red towels to add warmth to the bathroom. 10. Metal cake servers, $6.99 each. 12. Small metal-frame sunburst mirror, $34.99. 13. Decorative metal salad servers, $17.99. 14. Small stoneware box in the Fornasetti style, $17.99, 15. Two-pack guest towels, $9.99. 16. Linen-blend tea towel, $9.99. 17. Cotton twill print storage basket, $12.99. 18. Ceramic cabbageware-style egg cup, $4.99. 19. Porcelain planter in the Fornasetti style, $24.99. 20. Large braided storage basket, $29.99,

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