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April 18, 2018

Say goodbye to concrete bagged walls, people, as we make way for statement-making walls in stone, concrete, timber and more. Garden walls are more showy than they’ve been for a while if B&B Italia’s new Outdoor Catalogue 2018 launched this month is anything to go by. If your garden (or courtyard) needs structural help and support, then the solution is a good looking wall which will set the tone for everything.

B & B Italia usually gives us a glimpse into the larger trends happening in the design world and makes a statement way beyond what it’s selling, with innovative and compelling concepts for our houses and gardens in the coming years.

B & B Italia’s Outdoor Catalogue 2018 collection features dry stone walls: the new focal point of courtyards everywhere.

Yep, its latest collection and campaigns, suggests walls are the new focal point. Everything from natural stone to stone veneer, concrete sheets and woven screen panels are being used to form a boundary between neighbouring properties, and a structural backdrop to plan planting and furniture around. Walls are reinventing terraces, patios and courtyards with thrilling results.

Stone walls with naturalistic character are the ones we want, setting the tone for everything else. Image via B & B Italia.

Natural stone

A stone wall can have a naturalistic character. Some are dry stacked and some are mortared in place. Dry stone walls rise out of the ground as though they are part of the earth: and they are. Like so many ancient devices, they serve the purpose on more levels than practicality and aesthetics. The umber-and-sienna-toned stone veneer walls, such as those from Sydney’s Eco Outdoors (www.ecooutdoors.com), who offers stone cladding products aplenty including its Alpine dry stone walling in a natural granite ideal for landscape requirement. The loose stone pieces are split on the face and sawn smooth on the back, for easy application. Also check its Baw Baw, and Mitta Mitta, dry stone walling range. Stone veneers that are reminiscent of ancient French stone villas around Provence or Puglia but just as lovely for loggias wherever you live. It’s grown-up glam, and an instant outdoor style-booster to bring a glam edge to basic outdoor spaces. Here’s our fave takes on updating the basic garden wall.

Stone walls, whether dry stacked or mortared in place, create individuality and a focal point for outdoor areas. Image via B & B Italia 2018 Collection.


Smooth planes are providing a striking and mod alternative to classic garden walls. Whether they’re the standard-issue variety moulded tile panels from a hardware store or a custom design, concrete walls offer instant gratification. Privacy fence panels can solve a myriad of problems. Maybe your home is too close to the neighbours, the view is an eyesore or you just want a little separation from the rest of the world. Concrete blocks or poured concrete walls can be faced with stone or brick to give it a more specific look.

Image courtesy of B&B Italia.

Image via B&B Italia.

Panel Fences

Well-made bamboo, timber or lattice privacy panel fences can also can create a stylish backdrop for foliage or other garden elements. Wicker or timber slatted panels can be fitted together in a variety of heights and widths.


Typically, timber walls are the least expensive. However, you should keep in mind that timber walls may not last as long as other options, since moist soil weakens wood despite the fact that the choice of wood is usually rot resistant like cedar, redwood, or pressure treated (treated with a preservative).

When choosing a material, factor in cost, aesthetics and the material suitable for your job.

Timber, bamboo and woven screens can create stylish backdrops in terraces, patios and courtyards. Image via B&B Italia.

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