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January 22, 2018

Take a look at these bamboo sofas, armchairs and tables – they are taking our outdoor spaces to a new level. Evidence of a craving for simple, sustainable, down-to-earth, honest, environmentally-friendly materials.

Image via Tine K Home

The handcrafted pieces are a statement we are interested in the world. It’s a welcome development, as we opt for style over money, idiosyncrasy over polish, personality over hired-expertise. That money is not the same as beauty. The more nature in our houses the better.

Image via Tine K Home

Ideal for summer living, Danish IT brand, Tine K Home’s bamboo collection, offers a new simplicity and elegance in design. The pieces will instantly transform your outdoor area – check out how you can steal the look from the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Greece, Spain and Italy. Need we say more?

Image via Tine K Home

Tine K Home’s bamboo range harks back to wabi sabi – the Japanese understanding of seeing the beauty in imperfection. The use of bamboo denotes an honesty.

Image via Tine K Home

The sustainable material, and the world’s fastest growing grass–make it both an aesthetic and ethical material of choice ready to be put to sophisticated new uses.

Image via Tine K Home

Take a look at the sofas, armchairs, benches and tables that can be put to good use in any outdoor space. We recommend them all. Instant island-style boosters. One of our favourites, with the best wide-slatted, boxy armchairs and dining chairs used consistently by top clubs such as Scorpios in Mykanos as well as La Granja and Finca Can in Ibiza. Tinekhome.com

Image via Tine K Home

Bamcouch-na Bamboo Sofa, image via Tine K Home

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