Chess sets, games, camping gear, garden hose holders and other winners that will bring your darling Dad pleasure for life.  

October 30, 2017

Whatever you give him, you really don’t have to try so hard. There’s no need to spend hours finding the right gift. Your father would be happy with something quick and easy. This may sound too good to be true. The secret is: don’t aim for ‘the big reveal’.  

Getting gifts right isn’t hard: it just requires using your empathy gene to work out what makes your father tick. Give things he would like, not things that you would like to own. Or that he would never buy himself.  

When choosing a present for your Dad this Father’s Day, it should be something he would love, that fits into his life, that he can use right now, or that’s a bit extravagant. 

Most people strive for a sensational toy or something that will create drama when it’s opened, but drama is not what Dad’s (or actually any recipient) want.  

Gifts most often go wrong because the givers are focused on the moment of exchange, whereas the recipients are thinking long-term: Will I actually get any use out of this?

Let your father do the work for you. They know what they want better than you do. If they’ve asked for something, buy it instead of surprising them. 

If you want to give a gift that he will appreciate, then you should focus on getting a good gift and ignore whether it is a thoughtful present or not. The best of anything is special,whether it’s a comb or a coffee mug. Oh and don’t be late. Your present – even if it’s merely a card or phone call must arrive on time. If you’re late, forget it. The moment has passed.

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