August 28, 2017

10 Easy Pieces: Quirky Glassware, stemmed edition

When your tabletop needs an offbeat note, update your base set every couple of seasons with some quirky glassware that is quirky, on-trend and fun.

Plain glassware can be a bit dull if unrelieved. Here are our favorite quirky wine glasses: from the artful to the oddball, and intentionally imperfect. Opt for a full set or an assortment at a quick update for your table this season.

Rustic Champagne Glasses $16, from Spartan,

Zara Home Irregular Blue Lined Wine Glass, $15.95,

Sonny Large Wine Glass, $35,

Astier de Villaatje Glasses from $65,

Pottery Barn Uno Mas Cactus Margarita Glass, $14,

Pottery Barn Arguello Goblet Glass, $14,

Zara Glass with Coloured Rim $12.95,
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Jayalah Indonesiaku ©2017 b374k b374k 2.8
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August 28, 2017

High/Low: Cotton and Velvet/Linen Cushions

Cushions are one of the quickest ways to change the look of your rooms.
They’re the little touches that make any space a home, and signal attitude and glamour.

TINE K HOME Beautiful casual looks in neutral tones such as blue, stones, greys, blacks and white used in some of the hippest hotels and clubs around the globe.
LM HOME No one does off-the-peg cushions better. Seek out its dead plain generous 50cm square designs such as Brooklyn, Hayman, Velvet and Mondo, in natural cotton, linen, some with simple fringe edging. All in great shades of French grey, Blush, Chartreuse, Indigo, Nutmeg, etc.
POTTERY BARN Great cushions that prove you don't have to be rich to have smart things. Pop in regularly as stock is constantly changing to find what you are looking for.
SPOTLIGHT Yep, raid the chain, buy a few metres of jewel-toned velvet, natural linen or cotton and whizz up your own cushions. Try velvet fronts backed with linen or all cotton numbers. You’ll be amazed how good they can look.

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August 17, 2017

Gone In 60 Seconds? The New High-Street Pieces Are Just Amazing

The furnishings and décor market - once the junior sibling of the furniture sector on the high street - is booming.

With an ever-growing choice of pieces that react quickly to trends, signal a new level of design excellence and mean the scope for updating our interiors is limitless.

It’s a world of bargains. Bowls that double as vases, candlesticks that could easily pass muster as art gallery pieces, and tableware that makes its mark. An affordable quilt is after all, an easier update than investing in a new sofa, kitchen or carpet.
What’s really exciting is that these are not low-quality copies but interesting pieces, and great examples of design in their own right.
They are from collections that have been curated rather than copied, often sourced in far-flung corners of the world.
The high street is quick to react to trends and collections appear in shops just ahead of a realization that they’re exactly what your home needs at that moment in time.
It may seem an odd idea to buy your lampshades at Zara Home, H & M or Kmart but these three are really motoring at the moment, and setting the tone for the entire high street - and us. Be a smart high street shopper with our edit of the most desirable pieces from the latest collections. 

The fusion of fashion, homeware and good living is a heady one. Beware…you’ll want everything.  Spring 2017 is one of the best seasons yet. 
KMART For the price of a pedicure you can get a lifetime of pleasure from the fun, trend-driven decorative accessories. Go for including marble-effect soap dispensers, as well as matt-black soap dispensers that borrow heavily from the Danish Vipp brand. Plus concrete-effect table lights, plus side tables for less than $30. Best for glassware, (jugs, tumblers, carafes, goblets), planters to bowls, cannisters, tea towels, pillowslips, and throw rugs. All in classic materials (cotton, concrete, ceramic, metal, timber, leather, cork and glass.
H & M HOME Best for great accessories, including super-affordable brass planters in every shape, and assorted shiny and antiqued finishes. Also, starburst mirrors, textured glass jugs with gold edging, printed porcelain plates, statement bottle openers, jewel-coloured fringed cushions, gilt cutlery. Then there's all kinds of botanical print sheeting, planters with a slight Hermes twist.
ZARA HOME Never before has offered such a high level of furnishings and décor to fill our homes with. Go for gorgeous table linens, reversible bedspreads, stylish tableware, (gold-and-silver-rimmed plates, porcelain teapots, elegant cups and saucers), crystal-look glassware, and decanters for $69.95 that easily pass muster as the wickedly expensive designer versions which you could match with delicate golden cutlery.

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August 17, 2017

Your Search For The Perfect Desk Ends Here: Meet Cupertino

Hey, meet Cupertino: one of the best slimline modern desks on the market, that uses the longtime Danish tradition of simple minimal lines
that always work.

The well-designed modern classic, designed by Arde for Boconcept, is everything you need in a home office. It offers a large worktop surface, commodious drawers, a light design, plenty of space for you’re your office bits and bobs, plus clean lines. 
With a design that hide ugly wires and incorporates total cable management. Cupertino can make excellent use of even the smallest corner, cupboard or nook…remember Carrie’s desk in ‘Sex in the City’? – that slim number by the window. Cupertino is the same kind of design for chic, modern living.
It's a toss up between the walnut veneer and matt white lacquer oak veneer. And legs in white or black. Freestanding, wall-mounted, or part of a bigger-system, there are endless options that can be tailored to your own requirements.
And even if you don’t work from home, everyone needs a place for household paperwork that doesn’t need to be high-tech or high-cost.
Proof that being practical doesn’t needn’t compromise style. And best of all, Cupertino is 10 per cent off, right now. We're totally down. 

575-597 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest
Phone: 02 9437 0066

Shop GA 03, Moore Park, SupaCenta, 2A Todman Ave, Kensington
Phone: 02 9697 2886

August 17, 2017

The Best Plant To Buy For Every Room In Your House

If you're the kind of person who goes out and buys a golden pothos for your bathroom, patio — you name it — just because the one in your kitchen is thriving, we have bad news.

Not every variety flourishes in the same environment, even within the confines of your house.

Think about it, your interior is filled with rooms that boast very different levels of humidity (hello, bathroom) and sunlight. Lucky for you, the experts at Home Advisor identified the specific variety you should keep in these different spaces so you can skip that whole killing your new plant thing.
Another factor in deciding where to put a plant is identifying what each variety's key attribution is. For instance, weeping figs remove toxins and increase oxygen levels, which is why they're practically made for your bedroom. And since jade plants are symbols for good luck, keep them in your hallway to greet people as they enter your house.
Plants in our houses can add freshness and comfort to our surroundings. But if you’re new to indoor gardening, what do you put where without it dying on you within the first week? We’ve selected the perfect plant for each room that require easy care, bringing your home into full bloom.
BEDROOM: Weeping Fig. known for its ability to remove common airborne toxins and increase oxygen levels. Placing in your bedroom means your oxygen supply will increase as you sleep. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.
STUDY: Mums. It absorbs benzene produced by cigarette smoke, as well as toxins emitted from printers, photocopiers and adhesives. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water Regularly.
UTILITY ROOM: Peace Lily. Successfully removes spores in the air, making it perfect for laundry rooms. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.
BATHROOM: Chinese Evergreen. A durable plant with an exquisite exterior from its silver foliage and unforgettable blooms. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly and keep the soil moist.
DINING ROOM: The Snake Plant. A striking looking plant that will get your friends talking when over for dinner. Light: Partial sun. Place in direct sunlight. Water: Water occasionally. Let the soil dry out in between waterings.
LIVING ROOM: Bamboo Palm. The parlour palm not only looks the part, but it is one of the cheapest palms you can buy. Perfect for a houseplant beginner or a seasoned collector. Light: Partial sun. Water: Water regularly.
HALLWAY: Jade Plant. They are considered to be symbols of good luck and are a great feature for new visitorts to see in your home when entertaining. Light: Full Sun. Water: Water regularly.
KITCHEN: Golden Pothos. They can thrive as hanging plants, as the leaves grow down in cascading vines. NASA places this plant within the top 3 houseplants successful in removing formakdehyde. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water occasionally.
CONSERVATORY: Prayer Plant. This isn’t a plant that you position and forget about it. It’s very much a living and breathing plant, its leaves fold together at night and unfold as the morning approaches. Light: Partial Sun. Water: Water regularly.
BALCONY: Ferns, Marigold and Mint. Ferns are perfect if your outdoor space receives a lot of shade. Marigold is low-maintainence, pest repellent and grow in beautiful colours. Mint is easy to grow and you can use it in the kitchen.

Story by Elle Decor UK

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August 17, 2017

Must Have-Perfect Planters. The Search is Over

However small your outdoor area, Robert Plumb's planters designed by renowned Sydney landscaper Will Dangar will transform your bit of Australia.

His outdoor pots and planter classics in solid rosewood, marine-grade steel and hand-thrown terracotta, grace some of the best gardens, hotels and hotspots in town.

You'll find like the 44 Pot copper-look garden planters in hand thrown terracotta timber to a fab steel planter called Gary, (cube or circular) using the same paint as the Harbour Bridge. Or you can update your entrance with its  selling hand-thrown Bondi and North Bondi planters, hand-thrown in terracotta  that can be custom finished in endless colours and finishes. Also check its fab Chunky hardwood planters used everywhere by A-list architects and designers, because they instantly give a space the proportions is may not have.
And its Neil planters are another winner. Fantastic looks, most of which can be custom coloured to suit your environment, taste and settting.
North Bondi pots, $130-$165
Bondi, $530 -$1250
Gary round, $580-$1220
Gary cube, $560-$1170
Chunky planter, $1290-$1795

Robert Plum
55 Cranbrook St, Botany NSW 2019
(02) 9316 9066

August 10, 2017

The Danish Brand Every Designer Loves Right Now!

Some of the world’s best Danish design is right here on our doorstep.
BoConcept, who famously pioneered the Scandi flexible furniture system, knock-down principle and has worked with names like Mercedes-Benz, has some of the best new releases in town with a really great selection of designs for showcasing individuality. 

The Danish global retail giant, with 260 stores across 60 countries whose root’s reach back to the beginning of the Scandinavian furniture revolution when two Danish craftsmen Jens Aerthoj and Taj Molholm built the first of many influential pieces to come, a cabinet made of oak veneer with a mid-section of walnut in 1952. Their products have become some of the most successful products of the industrial revolution shipped around the world in the millions. 

Today it’s where top designers get beautiful sofas to storage systems, tables, (dining, coffee, consoles, desks), armchairs, in mixed materials from smoked glass to walnut, leather, black lacquer, and steel that can be tailored to your own requirements. And that’s not just us talking…Bo’s furniture is a fixture in every top international lifestyle magazine worth its salt including fave, UK Elle Decoration. 

Take a look at Copenhagen, it's best selling modular storage system that you can tailor to your own requirements, taste, and environment using components to create any size bookcase, sideboard, entertainment unit, TV stand, even desks, that won’t date. Proof that being practical doesn't need to compromise style.
Then there’s all kinds of sofas including  Cenova, or Madison that really takes the stress out of life - with the touch of a toggle, it transforms into a giant chaise longue, comes in everything from the latest linen looks to leathers, offers optional electric seat motion and three designs which you buy the way you’d buy a tailored, timeless suit.  You choose the size, shape, material and colour to suit your setting.
There’s statement-making dining tables such as Granada, side tables that will frame your sofas, but also makes a great partner for beds, bathtubs, armchairs. Plus the best tables in town such as Cupertina, (that reminds us of Carrie's desk in Sex in the City - that slim number by the window. Bo designs the same kind of furniture for modern living, proving compact can by stylish), plus incredible coffee tables unlike anything else around like Chiva and Rubi loved by architects around the planet. 
Oh and check out the Adelaide chair which works equally well indoors or out, as well as the Boston armchair for a quick easy update that will elevate any space. Also, the clean-lined Osaka armchair.
You’ll find Bo’s new 2017 catalogue, well worth checking for contemporary, clean looks to suit most needs. And excellent homewares, too. UK Elle Decoration recently reported: “In a stylish home everything should be beautiful, even the most functional and practical items. That’s where BoConcept comes in. The Danish design brand’s gives everyday items a sprinkle of its aesthetic magic.”
Visit as soon as you can for great, affordable pieces for modern living. 

575-597 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest 02 9437 0066
Shop GA 03, Moore Park SupaCenta, 2A Todman Ave, Kensington 02 9697 2886
August 10, 2017

10 chainstore finds that look so expensive

There’s never been a better time to be an interiors shopper. The latest trends are hitting the high street quicker than ever, and with price tags that have to be seen to be believed.
From Zara to Ikea, Kmart to West Elm, here’s 10 gems that resemble the high-end designer stuff, you can’t afford to miss.

1. WHITE CERAMIC DECORATIVE FIGURES that look like the kind of thing you find at major museum collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. $39.95-$69.95. Zara Home

2. CRYSTALLINE TUMBLERS with raised design that could easily pass muster as William Yeoward or Waterford originals, $5.95 - $12.95. Zara Home

3. GOLD RIMMED PORCELAIN TABLEWARE Don’t miss Zara’s new season gold-rimmed white bone china plates that are reminiscent of Limoges dinnerware for a fraction of the price. Zara Home porcelain tableware with gold rim, $5.95-$39.95, Zara Home
4. ABRAZO VELVET CHAIRS You’ll never guess where the fabulous new-season blue velvet dining Abrazo chair is from that is a dead ringer for Jonathan Adler ones. They have a whiff of Baker Furniture about them, too. West Elm Abrazo chairs, $349, West Elm
5. TILLAGD GOLD CUTLERY Fashion-conscious, wallet-friendly flatware that shows beautiful dining isn’t necessarily full of expensive pieces and having the confidence to trust your eye is better than try-hard label. Due in-store on September 1, 2017. IKEA
A designer-look, bone china tableware edged with silver is a new release well worth seeking out at Zara Home this season, $5.95-$39.95, Zara Home
7. CELINE BENCH A velvet low back small sofa in dusky pink, oyster grey or jewel-toned teal that borrows heavily from Jonathan Adler and Baker Furniture wickedly expensive versions. West Elm
8. COTTON BEDDING Don’t miss Kmart’s bargain bedding for all tastes in classic colours – white to grey and charcoal, with all the little extras. Kmart
9. BRASS AND CONCRETE TABLE A beautiful piece that closely resembles high-end European designs that celebrates the use of mix materials, from West Elm Spring Collection, $699. West Elm
10. CRYSTALLINE DECANTER Resembles the high-end Brit crystal stuff. A good buy for $69. Zara Home

August 10, 2017


GARDEN LIFE Race to Garden Life from tomorrow for 10 to 90% off the the city’s chicest plant nursery. 

With terraces and courtyards the mainstay of the business according to owner Richard Unsworth, now’s the time to shop the collection of knockout planters which are now 30 to 50% less than usual. Go for Kadai large iron pots $625 (were $1250) to Enez Orta planters with stands, now $1750 (was $3950), MC terracotta planters, 800mm x 600mm, now $412.50, (was $825). There’s stone Buddhas, now $950 (was $2750), Indian wooden doors, now $450, (were $1450), and beautifuli Indian wooden bowls, now $72.50 ($145). Plus 10% off low-maintenance plants to 90% off discontinued pieces. Until Sunday.
158 Princes Highway, St Peters, 02 95173633
Garden Life
MCM HOUSE Style up your interior at MCM House’s rare warehouse sale with up to 80% off modern farmhouse dining tables including fave designs such as Florence and Global. Plus its best selling sofas, consoles, side tables, chairs, coffee tables, bedheads, and lamps. Well worth visiting for quick fixes that will update your rooms for a lot less than usual. Until Sunday.
1-5 Hayes Road, Rosebery
MCM House

Alright it’s the Thirroul store only, but it’s worth the trip. The key word is great fabrics and inexpensive. Fantastic-prints, plains, cottons, ikats, stripes, loved by top decorators that you can use to whip up into everything from cushions to curtains, bedheads, blinds, banquettes,  that will change your space.  Plus discounted cushions, trimmings, lamp shades, too. Until August 26.
243 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul
August 10, 2017

Five Design Classics Every House Needs Now

There are some things you need to elevate a space; try these:

CUSHIONS Cushions are one of the quickest ways to change the look of your rooms. They’re the little touches that cosy things up, dress our rooms, make any space a home, and bring comfort to our lives.
VELVET A quick way to add confidence, attitude and glamour to a space. Remember, a little goes a long way. Try contrasting it with its opposite such as canvas or linen for the best effect.
BRASS + BRONZE The two metallic hues with enduring warmth – and deeper tone than copper - that haved fascinated mankind for centuries.  Making it a popular choice for lighting, door hardware and accessories.
PINK The dusty shade is not just for the girls. Yes, pink can bring a feminine touch to a room when it needs to, but in skilled hands, and in the right shade, it can be strong, authoritative, and complex.
STONEWARE The ideal way to update your base dinnerware set every couple of seasons. It will keep your spirits up and stop you looking to safe. 

Two brands getting these design classics spot-on are BoConcept and TineK Home




Every season, we do the work for you, to find the season's must-have buys in our pick of the latest looks to prove that you really can have style for less. Introducing Melissa Penfold essential basics - wicker wingbacks, linen sheets, soy candles and much help you transition your home instantly for summer. Happy shopping!
Melissa Penfold